Tuesday, 30 July 2013


The hamlet of Los Rincones in Mazarrón starts its festivities in honour of San Cayetano on Thursday August 1 until Sunday August 4. The Council of Celebration, Isidro Coy, and Pedáneo Mayor and member of the festival committee of Los Rincones, Concepción García, were in charge of presenting the programme this year, illustrated by the photograph "Photowalk" by Laura Parra, which won first prize at this year's edition of Fotogenio.

On Thursday at 6 pm will be the Mass in honour of San Cayetano in the Sancturario de La Purisima, to be followed by the procession to Los Rincones . There, snacks will be offered to all who attend. This procession has already become a small tradition including dozens of people.

The events will resume on Friday, August 2 at the fairgrounds when, at 21pm, Simon Espigares Aguera recites the proclamation of this year. As explained by the Headman, the crier "is a resident of Los Rincones who at 17 travelled to Barcelona but he returns every year for the holidays in his Parish, which is his passion." The night will continue with the election of Queens, performance by the group action "Rebobina" and a raffle.

On Saturday, August 3 starting at 22 hours and in the same trade fair, sees a performances by Ricky "El Andaluz Chico" and his dancers, and the show "San Miguel", which will put a touch of humour to the evening. It will also be the night that includes a competition for “migas”, for which the festival committee will provide the oil and flour. There will be gifts for participants and a great piñata to complete the evening.

On Sunday, August 4, the Mazarrón group"Los Luisos" return to Los Rincones about 22pm to put an end to the holidays this year. The Council of Celebration, Isidro Coy, encouraged "all citizens of Mazarrón to attend these celebrations, it is the best reward you can give to the festival committee, which has made a great effort to improve the holidays this year. "


Presentation of the award of the Arctic Star to  John Queree. There are fewer than 200 people still alive who took part in the Artic Convoys so we will be creating a little history when John receives this fabulous medal.

Friday 2nd August 11.30am at the Amapola Function Suite, Bolnuevo a Presentation and Reception including Cava or wine or beer or water, a buffet of Spanish canapes and tapas.  The Honorary British Consul will present the medal and the Mayor of Mazarron will be attending.

We would ask you to make this a very special day for John and Anne Queree. They have contributed generously to this event and we ask you to give 7€ per head to attend.

This is a Members only occasion and as such we would ask that gentlemen wear long trousers and shirt (long or short sleeved) and no sandals. Ladies it's our chance to glam up!! The media will be there!!

Please come for just an hour or so on that Friday. We are so very fortunate to have John among our Members. Could I have your names asap and by Sunday 28th July at the latest.

Friday, 26 July 2013

Mazarrón Blues Festival 2013

Mazarrón sounds of blues this summer with the celebration of the first International Blues Festival "Mazarrón Bahia", a strong commitment to music organized by the municipality of Mazarrón, the company "Profestival Comunicacíon" and tourist information portal "TurismoenMazarron.com". The event was presented by the Mayor of Mazarrón, Ginés Campillo, and the Managing Director of "Profestival Comunicacíon", Francisco San Juan. Both agreed that "this is an initiative that is aimed at those who love this kind of music, including many foreign residents with Mazarrón being one of the most populated municipality of its kind in that regard."

As San Juan explained, "we undertake this first edition with great enthusiasm and we greatly appreciate the excellent goodwill shown by the City from the outset with its Mayor, Ginés Campillo, in agreeing to carry out this event which will peak on August 3 with a magnificent concert in the portable bullring at Playa Grande ". In the show North Americans Jay Kaye Band and Michael Van Merwyk & Delta Boys from Germany  will be the stars of the event. Not forgetting Spanish acts Stop Blues Band, Naco Goni,  Txus Blues and Jose Bluefingers. The advance ticket price is 10€ and 12€ at the door.

But the festival is not only limited to this day, as from July 17 there will be more performances over 7 stages in pubs and landmarks in the municipality and the viewpoint of the Cabeza de Cebada. Among them, include performances by Julian Burdock, Anais Oliver, Los Destilados, Flamenco Blues, Little Mike & the Tornadoes, Segio Novo y Fernando Beiztegui, y Eddie Lefty Evans & Mississippi Martínez. All this information can be found in www.mazarronblues.com.

The Mayor emphasized that "it is a new challenge to consolidate a range of leisure and quality activities for the summer, placing Mazarrón in the summer music season which takes place in the region. “

Thursday, 18 July 2013


In late July an important sports event on the calendar is marked on Saturday, July 27. This is the night race "For Life" organized by the Association “Todos contra la droga” in collaboration with the City Council of Mazarrón. The event was announced by the Mayor of Mazarrón, Ginés Campillo, President of the Association, Casiano Navarro, and the Councillor for Sports of the Mazarrón, Andres Valera.

As explained by Navarro, "this is one of the most beautiful tests, not only because it is carried out at night, but also because it is celebrated next to the fantastic erosions of Bolnuevo". The final race corresponding to the senior category with a distance of 8 km "goes through the entire Bolnuevo new boardwalk", where the public can attend and cheer on the athletes who participate in it.

The categories, both male and female, in which you can compete are Senior, Junior, Juvenile, Cadet, Children, Youngsters, Benjamin, while there will also be spaces for Male Veterans A-B-C-D and Female Veterans A-B. For more information and registration you can call the Department of Sports City of Mazarrón on the phone 968591852 or emal at depormaza@mazarrón.es.

The first test will take place at 8pm, starting and finishing at Bolnuevo Erosions, and the price of the race is 5 euros for adults and 2 euros for children. As said by Casiano Navarro, "this is a small contribution to fight something as dangerous as drugs, participants also receive t-shirts and gifts plus there are five trophies by category, specifically 3 glasses and 2 medals. No doubt many awards for a test that promotes sport as a source of life. "


This Saturday July 20 on the Paseo de La Sal in the marina of Mazarrón hosts, from 21:30 pm the first concert in the cycle of Veranos Musicales “Villa de Mazarrón”, which has been organized by the Department of Culture of the City of Mazarrón in collaboration with the Music Association "Maestro Eugenio Calderón".

Presiden of the Association Paquita Urena explained that "this is an initiative that consolidates the outdoor concerts we've done in the harbour tour and that have been well received by the public". The President added that "to identify this cycle of 3 concerts we have commissioned the design of a logo, which was conducted by Diana Perez Iborra". Besides this event, further performances are scheduled by "Unión Musical de Dolores" of Alicante on Saturday July 27 and "Unión Musical de Torre Pacheco”  on Saturday August 3. All concerts are free and will take place from 21:30pm on the promenade of La Sal

The Mayor of Mazarrón, Ginés Campillo, said "This is undoubtedly the summer of quality in music with a concert by 'Cadena Dial', the musical 'Mamma Mia', the First International Blues Festival" Mazarrón Bahia "and this cycle of concerts.

Friday, 12 July 2013


The Mazarrón hamlet of Leiva begins Friday July 12 its festivities in honour of the Virgen del Carmen. The festive programme was presented by the Councillor of Celebration, Isidro Coy, and Mayor Headman and Representative of the Neighbourhood Association "Virgen del Carmen" of Leiva, Juan Soler. 

Also, the Headman invited neighbours to"the opening of the exhibition of furniture that was in the houses of yesteryear. A sample of which I am proud because the neighbours have turned chests and all types of furniture and fixtures"said Soler. The inauguration, scheduled for 22pm on Friday July 12, will be the event that starts the programme in which the tradition again has a special value.

So, at 22:30 pm there will be the opening speech this year by Fernando Méndez Morales, an engineer who was born and spent his adolescence in Leiva and that "I am looking forward to his opening speech," said Soler , adding that "thereupon the Queen, Queen Child, Queen of the 3rd Age and this years Mr Leiva will be crowned. There will be a musical show that will feature performances by singer Karmen Rivero, who acted in the past Celebrations of Mazarrón with great success. "

On the evening of Saturday 13th  is the thirteenth meeting of “gangs”, the big piñata and delivery of a certificate of recognition to the most supportive neighbour of the parish which will be delivered to Vicenta  Jorquera Lopez. He lends his land to provide parking  during the holidays and the family also gave land for the construction of the present chapel. Besides crews meeting, which will include those of Morata, La Hoya de Lorca and Zarzadilla de Totana, the night has a scheduled performance of singer Rosa María Luján of Lorca.

Sunday the 14th is the day of the competitions and championships, beginning with the boules at 9 am on the outside of the restaurant "Casa Colorá". At 2pm there will be a giant paella for all residents and in the afternoon the chicken competition and motorcycle run. At night, the music will be provided by Fede Romero and Fabio "La Pinilla".

After resting on Monday, celebrations return on Tuesday 16th with a Mass in honour of the Virgen del Carmen at midday and the delivery of a badge of honour to neighbouring Antonio Méndez Morales "El Benigno". At night dance act Mazarron group "Dánzate" and the magician comedy "Charly" will entertain and the competition to crown “Miss Visitor”. There will also be raffles for prizes every night including first prize of a kid goat on the night of Friday 12th, which has been donated by neighbor Juan Alberto Vivancos Mendez.

The Councillor of Celebration, Isidro Coy, wished all Leiva neighbours "to spend a good holiday” and gave thanks for the involvement of  “the Union of this Parish and Leiva, not only in the festivity of Mazarrón, but also in the preservation and enhancement of the heritage of the Municipality as evidenced by the restoration of the chapel, and we invite you all to visit and support these parties made with great effort and much love. "