Tuesday, 10 July 2012


The tournament will begin at 11 am with a female presence assured.

The beach at Puerto de Mazarrón hosts on Saturday 21 July the Fourth Joint Handball Championship in the categories Cadet, Junior and Senior. The tournament was presented on 9 July by Andres Valera, Councillor for Sports Hall of Mazarrón, and Juan Antonio Rebollo, a representative of Club Balonmano of  Mazarrón. They both highlighted "this spectacular championship as being more difficult to play than the traditional handball."

Participating teams in the tournament must be composed of men and women and in the field, which is smaller than usual, "there must always be present two females for each of the teams contesting the game," said Rebollo , adding that "we want to promote in this championship the sport of handball, especially amongst girls."

Andres Valera encouraged "all men and women who want to spend a day practicing a few hours of sport on the beach” to participate. To this end, each team must pay 15 euros for registration, paid to account number of the entity 3085-0203-52-2720012380 Cajamar. There will be trophies for the top three finishers and registration must be formalized before July 17 through juanantoniorebollo@hotmail.com. For more information, please call 968591852 or mobile 619781275.

Juan Antonio Rebollo also revealed during the presentation of this sporting event that next season the town "will have a team representative at the regional handball in the Senior Women category." The Mayor of Sports wished the club good luck for this new journey and encouraged citizens to "continue supporting local sports as so many good results have been achieved in recent months."

Tuesday, 3 July 2012


Discovering Moratalla:

Next Saturday July 7, 2012, you are invited to participate with us in popular Zaen de Arriba, the plan is to enjoy the party and sleep under the stars in the open in Zaen caves. The next morning, we will walk through the area and take a refreshing swim from one of the boats nearby. Dinner and breakfast will be in the bar, although you can bring what you consider necessary.

The essential material is as follows:

Sleeping bag and mat
Swimsuit, sandals and towel
Grooming items
Sunscreen, sunglasses and a hat or similar
Comfortable clothes
Water or sports drinks

The time and places of departure are as follows:

At 20:00 on Saturday 07/07/2012 at the tourist office.

At 21:00 the same day in the chapel of San Juan.

This activity is free, and all are invited.


To participate in this event you need to register by Friday 6 July at:
C / Barrio Nuevo s / ​​n
Moratalla 30440-Murcia
Phone 968 730 208

- Informajoven
C / Barrio Nuevo,
30440 Moratalla - Murcia
Phone 968 730 258, ext. 135



Here is a brief run down of how the filming works and what you need to do.

Three days of Fun!

The MTBHW shoot takes place over a three day period.
      DAY 1 – The crew will spend half the day filming in your house. This will consist of you giving us a tour of your house telling us your favourite rooms, objects, items with a story etc. We will also film a sit down interview about yourself and what you expect from the week.
      DAYS 2 & 3 – HOUSE TOURS – Over the following two days, you will get to meet the other fabulous people we’ve found in the area and tour their houses. Each house tour lasts half a day, one of these tours will be of your house.
      THE EVENING OF DAY 3 – THE BIG REVEAL – We will do one last interview in a room in your house, where you find out what the others have scored you and who has won the 1000€ prize!

The House Tours  

The host welcomes the other homeowners into their home.  They can offer welcome drinks and nibbles if they want.

Once everyone has arrived the host gives the group a little speech about their house which can be as elaborate as you want. In the past the hosts have generally told their guests how long they’ve lived there, some background info about the décor, and set down a few light hearted rules about snooping around, such as “Don’t sit on my chaise longue!”

Once the speech is over the guests have a chance to look around the house without the host. They will be shown the whole house, although only filmed in three or four rooms.  If there are any areas you do not want them to go (kid’s bedroom or storage room) please let us know.  ­A member of the crew will always be with them. Whilst the house tour is going on the host will wait outside with the producer and prepare for the hospitality.

This is where the host puts on a little bit of entertainment for the guests. This is usually something that relates to the house or the host. For example if you’re sports mad you could do a keep fit class! Previous examples have included a Victorian afternoon tea, head banging to heavy metal and a magic act. This is only a small bit of fun lasting 15-20 minutes max.

Interviews & Scoring

Once the house tour and hospitality is over the guests will be interviewed individually in the host’s house to score their experience out of 10. They will also write a little comment on the back of the score card about how they feel, such as “Nice house, shame about the net curtains”.  You base your overall score on the décor, the way the house makes you feel, how much you like the house and how much you enjoyed the entertainment. 

At the end of day 3, each host is interviewed in their own home and filmed reading these comments and the scores.


How many household members take part?
Only one member of the household can take part in the show,  however, others may be part of the hospitality/entertainment during the house tour.

Do I have to have hospitality entertainment?
Yes, but it doesn’t have to be elaborate, it’s just a bit of fun.

How many people will be in my house?
On day 1, a producer and one or two other members of the team will be in your house.
During the house tours, it will be you, the three other guests and up to five members of the team.

How long will I be needed each day?
On day 1 you will be needed for half the day. On days 2 & 3 you will be needed for the full day and the early evenings. Unfortunately as our schedules are tight there will be no time in the day where you can pop off to pick up the kids or run an errand.

I don’t want people going in my underwear drawer how I stop them?
Before filming please make the production team aware of anywhere you don’t want people to go.

How do I get to the other houses?
The production team will arrange transport to and from the other houses.

What about lunch?
The production team will provide lunch and refreshments.

If I win when do I get the money?
Payment will be by cheque, we hope to get this to you within a month after filming.

When will my episode be on TV?
This series of the show is scheduled to air on ITV1 in the UK in September 2012. You will be sent a DVD of the show once it has been aired in the UK.

What if a problem arises before filming?
If you need to contact May the Best House win please send an email to besthousespain@shiver-productions.co.uk or call us on +44 (0)20 7157 4734.