Friday, 16 December 2016


The Municipality of Mazarrón has activated the Municipal Emergency Plan in its preemergence phase due to the rainy season and coastal phenomena affecting the coast and the interior of the municipality. This situation is activated between 06:00 on Saturday December 17 and 00:00 on Sunday December 18. The City Council joins the Inunmur Plan activated by the Dirección General de Seguridad Ciudadana y Emergencias.

The Municipal Emergency Services advise not to cross roads or areas with danger of flood. And in any emergency situation contact 112.

La Agencia Estatal de Meteorología  (AEMET) has established for this Saturday, December 17, an orange warning due to coastal phenomena in the coastal zone of the Campo de Cartagena and Mazarrón where ranges of force 8 from the northeast and waves of up to 4 metres are expected. The notice will remain active until 00:00 hours on Sunday, December 18. Also yellow warning by wind is established with maximum gusts of 70 km / h between 09:00 and 18:00 hours of Saturday 17 December and for rains with cumulative precipitation in 12 hours of 60 litres per square metre

The regional service of 112 reminds everyone of the advice that is provided to the public in cases of orange warning by coastal phenomena in order to avoid accidents: Do not go sailing and be careful with the moorings of boats, away from piers that can be affected by waves generated by the intensity of strong winds, and avoid the parking of vehicles in compromised areas 

Wednesday, 14 December 2016


Organized by the Local Board of AECC with the presence of the “Patrulla Canina” (Dog Patrol), Christmas workshops and many surprises are taking place on 18 December, with proceeds benefiting child oncology services.

The fiesta named "Pide un Deseo" will start at 4:00 pm in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento in a marquee that will house the musical "Marshall", the famous member of the Patrulla Canina, whose members will visit the children of Mazarrón bringing illusion and fantasy with Christmas workshops and preparation of decorations, that will later appear on the tree at Plaza Juan Paredes, with the help of 20 monitors.

Dougnuts, chestnuts, cookies and many other surprises are in store including a visit from Santa Claus, according to the President of the Local Board of the AECC.

Entrance is 5 euros and tickets can be purchased at the Tourist Office, on the ground floor of the Town Hall and in collaborating establishments.

Alicia Jiménez, Mayor of Mazarrón,  encouraged all the residents of Mazarrón to show their solidarity again, as in previous occasions, more so this time, bearing in mind the good cause is for child patients of oncology.


23 - 30 December

9.30am- 1.30pm

Workshops in cookery, dance and theatre, games and magic

(Registration by 16 December)



The December walk is around 6km and will take 4 hours and includes approximately an hour and a half at Almazara tasting olive oil at the oil mill.

Meeting point is at the Tourist Office, departing for the walk at 8am.

Recommendations are mountain boots, long trousers, fleece (or raincoat), backpack , lunch and a drink, hat or cap, gloves, sunscreen, camera, binoculars and if possible trekking or nordic walking poles 


DATES -27-30 December and 3-5 January

TIME - Welcome at 8am, followed by Christmas School between 9am and 2pm

REGISTRATION - At Moratalla Ayuntamiento before 20 December

PRICE - 21€

OPTIONAL - Lunch for 3€ a day (between 2pm and 3pm)


Juan Romera presents, next Saturday December 17 at 8pm in Casas Consistoriales, a book that investigates the biography of the General Jose Toral and Velázquez

In 1898 after the explosion of the battleship Maine in the Port of Havana, the American troops declared war on Spain. Initiating the fighting a military Mazarronero, Jose Toral and Velázquez, is named First Commander and later General of Division and Military Coordinator of the Province and Square of Santiago de Cuba. The story of this outstanding local character has been studied by the writer from Puerto Lumbreras and member of the Royal Academy Alfonso X El Sabio, Juan Romera, who will present the book titled “José Toral y Velázquez. Aproximación Biográfica”.

The Department of Culture of the City of Mazarrón promotes this publication in order to expand the knowledge of a local historical person whose name was known internationally for the role he played in the final capitulation of Spanish troops in Cuba. With his decision Toral saved thousands of lives, although he had to endure strong criticism from a part of Spanish society, being tried by a military court. Although he was finally acquitted, he was personally affected throughout his life by the pressures of public opinion .

Thursday, 1 December 2016


Please note a change of telephone number - Dawn and her team can now be contacted on
602 604 398. The previous number is obsolete

Friday, 28 October 2016

The Royal British Legion in Spain - Remembrance Services in the area

Many of The Royal British Legion Branches in the District are holding Remembrance Services. In order to attend a local Service, please go to our website and click Remembrance Services. or ring 648 860 251.

Boxes of poppies have been delivered to businesses in the area. The Legion spends £200,000 each day to assist Armed Forces personnel and their families. By making a donation for your poppy you are supporting those who have dedicated their lives to serving their country. Our Welfare Co-ordinator can be contacted on 676 451 780.

Please wear your Poppy with Pride and give generously to help the Charity’s continuing welfare work.

Thursday, 27 October 2016


Nine establishments in the Municipality have been chosen to participate in the gastronomic event "gAstrogAllo 2.1" to be held in Mazarrón from 3 to 11 December. The professional jury of Antonio Montesinos of El Rincón de Pepe, Arturo Clavero of la Taberna Kome and Andrés Mármol, of Pastelería la Gloria praised all candidates for their high standards when presenting their chosen tapa

Each of the shortlisted establishments introduced 3 tapas that were submitted for the deliberation of the jury resulting in the election of Fizz Gastrobar, Américo MEDITERRANO, Nuevo Bodeguita, La Sal, Descuadre, De Tapas, La Fundición, Cetre and Copo de Oro.

For "gAstrogAllo 2.1" the City will have thirteen stands, eleven intended for food, one for ice cream and another for pastry. There will also be two stands for invited companies from outside the Municipality, which will not enter the selection process and award, although they will choose to compete in the "Award for Best Tapa".



The Local Government Board approved at its last regular session, the regulatory basis for children's choice of king and queen, young queen and king and queen of seniors for the fiestas of La Purisima

For king and queen in child category the maximum age is 12 years old. The aspiring young homecoming queen must be aged between 16 and 27 years, resident in the Municipality of Mazarrón, providing application with an electronic pen that contains at least one studio photograph.

Candidates must apply at the Department of Celebration, located on the second floor of the City of Mazarrón. The candidate who is a minor must submit a signed authorization.

The deadline for registration ends on Friday November 4 at 14:00


Ifepa Wedding & Celebrations 2016 Fair Weddings and Celebrations will take place this weekend, from 28 to 30 October, at the Palacio de Ferias y Exposiciones de la Región de Murcia- IFEPA, in Torre Pacheco .

This eighth edition, will be more focused on celebrations, with special importance of the wedding, and everything surrounding the preparation of a special day.

There will be 110 direct exhibitors, and more than 60 indirect, occupying an area of ​​14,000 square metres. Most come from the Murcia region but also participate companies from Alicante, Madrid, Granada and Valencia.

Areas covered will include wedding dress, groom suits, communion, godmother, parties, shoemaking, tailoring, flowers, accessories, headwear, creative pastries, gifts, photo booth, theme photocalls, photography, videography, hotels, banquet halls, catering, travel agencies, animation, live music event wedding planner, dance and choreography, wedding cars, jewellery, sound and lighting, beauty and health, pyrotechnics, decoration, seating furniture, etc.

On Friday, opening day will be free entry for all those wishing to visit Wedding & Celebrations Exhibition.

A fashion show will take place on Saturday afternoon, starting at 5pm and on Sunday from 12pm, with a parade of wedding dresses, communion wear, page, party, ceremony and godmothers, showing  presentation of latest fashions and trends. There will also be a dancing workshop, and many giveaways and promotions.

WEDDING & CELEBRATIONS 2016 is open schedule between 11am and 8pm on Friday, 11am and 8.30pm and Saturday and on Sunday 11am to 7.30pm


La Isla beach in Mazarrón hosts this weekend (29 and 30 October) the Third Championship of Spain and King's Cup Jet Ski.

The event was presented at the venue by the President of the Spanish Federation of Powerboating, José Miguel Martínez, President of the Federation of Murcia, Dionisio Baño, and Councilman of Sports City of Mazarrón, Patricio Sánchez.

This competition, that in recent years had been held in the Mar Menor, reaches Mazarrón with a high number of participants. To date 72 people are registered, a fact that certifies that Mazarrón will be one of the championships with greater involvement organized so far.

During the day on Saturday, from 10am starts the competition in the categories Circuit and on Sunday it will be the turn for testing RallyJet.

Patricio Sanchez, Councilman of Sports City of Mazarron, encouraged everyone to come and watch the event. "On Saturday there will be activities and games for families to enjoy during the day and watch the sporting spectacle." 

Added Sanchez "this is a new event that attracts visitors to the Municipality in a weekend in autumn, with the benefit that it provides business for shops and catering establishments within Mazarrón, as well as highlighting the commitment of the Consistory for water sports."


Mazarron artist Luis Marino opened last Friday, the exhibition "Natumática" which can be seen until November 18 at the Library María Moliner de la Universidad de Murcia, situated at el Campus de Espinardo.

Marino offers an original exhibition this time from figures with spirals of molluscs, asteroids and seahorses. unique colours and different perceptions that stimulate the visitor's imagination. 

Sunday, 16 October 2016

Discovering Moratalla routes meeting

Tuesday October 18 at 19:00 pm in the Sala de Juntas at Moratalla Ayuntamiento sees the presentation of the 11th season THEMED ROUTES "DISCOVERING MORATALLA".

Saturday, 15 October 2016


The Department of Sports, Social Policy, Youth and Women's Hall of Moratalla have set in motion a series of actions within the programme "Estoy por mi Cuerpo” (I am my body) to improve the quality of life of citizens in the towns and villages of Moratalla

The programme, designed to reach different groups and areas of the town, begins with the presentation of the new season Thematic Routes "Discovering Moratalla" which will take place on Tuesday 18th October at 7pm in the Ayuntamiento. 

The excursion programme is to be held during the months of October 2016 to June 2017, and offers the hiker a unique experience that combines health, outdoor sports, nature and heritage interpretation in the same activity ... "Do not let them tell you, come to find out. "

Other workshops include "Emotional Intelligence" and "Menopause and pelvic floor", with the dual aim of intervening on physical and mental health. 

In addition to these workshops, there are also training activities aimed at schools and personnel of Sports Centres covering "Eating disorders" and "Defibrillation and First Aid" will be performed.

 "Estoy por mi cuerpo" will also have other events throughout the year, for free, at various Municpal Facilities including…..
- "Music Therapy" for elderly users of the Day Centre.
- "Psychomotor" for children at the Centro de Conciliación de la Vida Laboral y Familiar.
- "Maintenance Gymnastics" for the elderly at Hogar del Pensionista

Not forgetting the launch of the Sports School and various forms of sport for adults.


Daniel José Aragón is exhibiting at Town Hall in the coming weeks his photographic exhibition entitled “Paisaje Dinámico” (Dynamic Landscapes). The photographer presents a collection of photographs reflecting, in detail, the changes experienced by the mining landscape, either natural or artificial.

Linked to Fotogenio, Daniel Jose Aragon has participated in the International Exhibition of Nature Photography of Mexico City in 2013 and in the magazine "Horse" and the documentary “Cruce del océano Atlántico en remo” and “Al filo de lo imposible” among other projects.

The exhibition was inaugurated on Friday 14 October and can be seen on the ground floor of Town Hall until November 12 in the morning between 10am and 2pm, Monday to Saturday and in the evenings Tuesday to Friday from 5pm-8pm. The exhibition is closed on 1 November


The artist Juan Nares Diaz will present his work at Mazarrón Town Hall until 12 November. 

Under the title "La Mar. Memoria Abierta" the natural painter of Alhama de Murcia brings an exhibition with the sea as the main element. 

The painter has been attracted since childhood by the coast of Mazarrón and its landscapes, places that have inspired him over the years.

The exhibition was inaugurated on Friday 14 October and you can see the Exhibition Monday to Saturday between 10am and 2pm, and evenings Tuesday to Friday between 5pm and 8pm. The exhibition is closed on 1 November

Tuesday, 4 October 2016


The Department of Social Policy of Moratalla Ayuntamiento has organized training workshops for Pensioners. This training will be given by Tunstall-Televida, the company responsible for the provision of Telecare in the Municipality.

The workshops being taught are:

- Relaxation workshop - aimed to equip people by different methods of controlling anxiety and negative thoughts that allows them to reach a state of greater emotional balance. This will take place on October 6 at the Hogar del Pensionista, Moratalla at 5pm

- Workshop on emotional intelligence - aimed at developing a set of skills that serve to express and manage feelings in the most appropriate way in personal and social fields, connect emotions with oneself, to know what a person feels and the power to see yourself and others in an objective and positive way. Thill take place on October 20 also at the Hogar del Pensionista, Moratalla at 5pm

Although the workshops are free, interested persons must make their registration in the Hogar del Pensionista or the Local Employment Centre (968,730,154).

Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Events in Alhama de Murcia

The festivities in honour  of our Patron Saint the Virgin of the Rosary, called FERIA 2016,  are about to start! The Feria is held from 1st to 12th October and you can see the full programme in this link.
Remember that on Friday 30th September some important events are taking part such as the Actualh Sound, the Alternative Music Festival, and a Brass Bands Concert.
You may also like the National Folklore Festival held on Saturday and the following pop concert with a tribute band to Joaquín Sabina.

On the other hand, on Sunday we've organised a free guided visit in English to the main places of interest of Alhama. You can book it in this link or at the Tourist Office. On the same morning you can enjoy the huge Artisan Market and the FERIA DE DÍA, tapas and drinks at a very reasonable price.

Events in Alhama de Murcia

The festivities in honour  of our Patron Saint the Virgin of the Rosary, called FERIA 2016,  are about to start! The Feria is held from 1st to 12th October and you can see the full programme in this link.
Remember that on Friday 30th September some important events are taking part such as the Actualh Sound, the Alternative Music Festival, and a Brass Bands Concert.
You may also like the National Folklore Festival held on Saturday and the following pop concert with a tribute band to Joaquín Sabina.

On the other hand, on Sunday we've organised a free guided visit in English to the main places of interest of Alhama. You can book it in this link or at the Tourist Office. On the same morning you can enjoy the huge Artisan Market and the FERIA DE DÍA, tapas and drinks at a very reasonable price.

Events in Alhama de Murcia

The festivities in honour  of our Patron Saint the Virgin of the Rosary, called FERIA 2016,  are about to start! The Feria is held from 1st to 12th October and you can see the full programme in this link.
Remember that on Friday 30th September some important events are taking part such as the Actualh Sound, the Alternative Music Festival, and a Brass Bands Concert.
You may also like the National Folklore Festival held on Saturday and the following pop concert with a tribute band to Joaquín Sabina.

On the other hand, on Sunday we've organised a free guided visit in English to the main places of interest of Alhama. You can book it in this link or at the Tourist Office. On the same morning you can enjoy the huge Artisan Market and the FERIA DE DÍA, tapas and drinks at a very reasonable price.

Thursday, 22 September 2016


For more information Visit the Tourist Information Office in Moratalla or contact them via their Facebook page


The Office of Tourism in Torre-Pacheco announce that next Sunday September 25 at 10.30 in the morning a free guided tour in English of the Torre Pacheco Windmills will take place.

Further information and booking details can be found at the following link:

http: //


The multitalented artist Petrus Borgia exhibits at the Centro Cultural de Mazarrón, “El acartonamiento del Quijote” , an exhibition of paintings and sculptures with which the Painter allows the visitors to remember characters and parts of the work of Cervantes.

The exhibition was opened in the presence of the Artist and the Councillor for Culture of the City of Mazarrón, Pedro Martinez. 

Borgia's work can be seen until October 30 at The Cultural Centre in Mazarrón


Mazarrón City Council opens this Friday, September 23, at 9pm, the room called “Versatilis”, at the Museo de Mazarrón “Factoria Romana de Salazones”with the exhibition "TIME STOPPED”. 

The photographic legacy of D. Emeterio Cuadrado. The exhibition remains here until 23 October

The exhibition is a graphic homage to the figure of D. Emeterio Cuadrado (1907-2002), engineer of roads, canals and ports, one of the pioneering figures of the regional archeology, who discovered and excavated for forty years the Iberian complex El Cigarralejo (Mula).

The room "Versatilis” is born with the aim of multiplying the exhibition possibilities of the Museum. Its name makes logical reference to the Latin word from "versatile", ie, that which adapts to changes and can perform functions in a variety of circumstances word.

Tuesday, 13 September 2016



The Musical Association "Maestro Eugenio Calderon" has decided to present their new course with the organization of the "First Musical Fair" that will take place at Plaza del Ayuntamiento on Saturday 17 and Sunday 18 September. 

The activity, which is aimed at the whole family, was presented by Councillor for Culture, Pedro Martinez, President of the School of Music "Maestro Eugenio Calderon" Francisca Ureña, Vice President, Elisa Lopez and Secretary, Luis Aerie.

With the idea of ​​promoting music, the activities on Saturday September 17 will start at 11:00am with a singing workshop. At 11:15am, knowledge of the woodwinds and metal wind will be discovered. At 12:00 there will be a workshop building small instruments through recycled materials. The activities on Saturday finish with the musical tale "Sleeping Beauty".

On Sunday September 18, the same programme is repeated but dedicated to percussion instruments and anticipated schedule: singing workshop at 10am, knowledge of instruments at 10.15am, instrument building workshop at 10.40am and musical tale "The Nutcracker" at 11.15am. The Musical Fair will culminate with a performance by the Band of the School of Music where they will perform three pieces.

Music Lessons for Adults and Third Season of "Music for Babies"
Luis Aguilera, Secretary of the Musical Association "Maestro Eugenio Calderon" has announced a new course at the School of Music. In addition to the First Musical Fair, interested parties in the above may register on Friday 23 and 30 September in the School of Music, located in the Plaza del Salitre, from 5pm-9pm and also on Saturday 24 September and 1 October between 10am and 2pm. Those interested can obtain more information on the facebook page of the Association, by phone 968592139 and by whatsapp on  660987356

The School of Music will continue to offer training in woodwinds, brass wind, percussion and cello in stringed instrument section. Continuity is given to the successful baby music classes, serving their third season and are enhanced with additional places for adult music classes

New web and promotional video

The Musical Association "Master Eugenio Calderon" with the aim of spreading its activity, has made a new website ( in addition to the existing blog ( ) and he is working on developing a promotional video whose contents can be seen at the following link:

Wednesday, 7 September 2016


The hamlet of La Majada in Mazarrón celebrates its festivities from 2 to 11 September. There will be nine days of festivities for all the public to enjoy, thanks to the extensive programmee of activities prepared by the Party Commission and the Department of Celebration.

The big day of the festival will be next Thursday September 8. In the afternoon, at 6pm there will be Mass in honour of the Immaculate Conception and the subsequent procession with the statue of the Patron. 

At 9.30pm, the opening of the exhibition entitled “Restaurar, renovar y reciclar”" by the neighbours of the district will be held. And later, at 10pm. Antonio Vera Cifuentes, "Antonio del Rico", will read the proclamation of the parties.

Performance of various bands, popular gastronomic events, fun games and contests will ensure you have a pleasant time at La Majada festivities. (For details on the full programme please visit the Tourist Information Centre in Puerto de Mazarrón)


El Centro de Desarrollo Infantil y Atención Temprana de Mazarrón (CDIAT) start a new period of its workshops "Infant Massage", framed within the preventive programme that takes place. The workshops, one hour, will take place on Friday 9, 16 and 21 September in one of the rooms of CDIAT, from 11:00 am

This activity is aimed at parents of babies aged 0 to 6 months in the Municipality, with the aim of gaining the knowledge, technique and a working tool of fingertip massage to achieve the maximum welfare possible, strengthen the emotional bond between mothers / parents and children, ease birth tensions and prevent some of the painful gastrointestinal disorders (colic).

The workshops are conducted in collaboration with midwives of Health Centres in Mazarrón and Puerto de Mazarrón, and are carried out by an authorized technical instructor fromo Early Care and Child Massage CDIAT.

For more information contact the Centre for Child Development and Early Care Mazarrón (Tel: 968590623).

Thursday, 18 August 2016


Children's workshops for summer nights is an activity promoted by the Department of Women's Hall of Moratalla, in order to facilitate family reconciliation for leisure and free time for families and visitors to the town. 

This was first introduced in the summer of 2015, and due to its popularity, starts again during the summer nights of 2016.

The workshops (free) are on Friday nights 5, 19 and 26 August at the entrance of the Market Square. The workshops last two hours (9.30-11.30pm), and are available to all children

Wednesday, 17 August 2016


Mazarron hamlet of Gañuelas comes alive from Friday 19 to Sunday 21 August with its celebrations in honour of San Bartolomé. 

The festivities begin on Friday 19 at 10pm with the opening speech by Luis Vera Tudela. At 10.30pm, will be the selection of queen, princesses and “misters”. 11pm sees a performance by"Al relente" and mobile dj

On Saturday August 20, at 10pm, is "White Party" time with gifts for all who are dressed in white. At 11pm is a performance by the group "Albaicar". After midnight, is "Young Party" with DJ Ruben Garvi and "Foam Party".

On Sunday August 21 at 2pm is free Paella to all attendees and at 6pm, ribbon race horse. At 10pm, sevillanas perform with the group from Ramonete, "Corinto Vivo." 11.30pm is the turn of the "Arachi Flamenco" to perform. And to end the evening, mobile disco.

On Wednesday August 24, at 7pm, Mass in honour of San Bartolomé takes place. And from 10.30pm is a performance by dance group Juan Antonio Iglesias and David Andreu

Thursday, 11 August 2016


Registrations to participate in the I Popular Race "Corre con Nosotros/Run with Us" to benefit the Spanish Association Against Cancer (AECC) are proving popular. 

So far 325 people have formalized their participation by visiting the web And those who have not yet done so, still have time to register before the deadline of Friday 12th at 1pm

El Paseo de Bolnuevo, Playa de Moreras and the Paseo del Castellar host this on Saturday August 13 organized by the Municipality of Mazarrón and the Regional Athletics Federation to benefit the Spanish Association Against Cancer (AECC). 

The race, which has the support of local clubs Atletismo Mazarrón and Bahía de Mazarrón, will be divided into two distances: 5 and 10 kilometers.


Percheles will be partying during the weekend. From 12 to 15 August, the Festival Committee of Cañada de Gallego and the City of Mazarrón invite you to enjoy a programme of activities aimed at all audiences and put together with the idea of ​​offering a fun, family atmosphere next to one of the most beautiful beaches of Mazarron coast.

So, on Friday August 12 celebrations will begin with a performance by the Dance School "De Rosa". It will be from 10pm followed by a Foam Party.

On Saturday August 13, at 10.30pm, sees a flamenco performance with  “El veneno del boquerón” and at midnight DJ Ruby Rodriguez entertains all present

Sunday August 14 at 6.30pm is Zumba Master Class, to benefit the Spanish Association Against Cancer and at 10.30pm, a performance by Antonio Muñoz. From midnight DJ Ruby Rodriguez returns.

On Monday August 15, at 9am is a petanque contest for all ages.


Last week began the first activity of the language exchange programme aimed at residents of Camposol. An initiative organized by the Youth Council of the City of Mazarrón divided into two levels: beginner and intermediate.

More than 50 students attended twice a week to what has been described as "a positive and enriching experience." The course is held at the Cultural Centre Camposol (Sector B) and is free for all registered, every Wednesday and Friday between 10am and 12pm

Friday, 5 August 2016


La explanada de La Isla, near the fairgrounds, will host a new event in the Municipality during this summer. "Gastro Truck" arrives at Puerto de Mazarrón on 11, 12, 13 and 14 August with a dozen RV autocaravans designed and prepared to offer succulent Regional, National and International dishes.

An event that will be attended by the winner of the third edition of "MasterChef" Carlos Maldonado. "Gastro Truck" will begin every evening from 8pm, and will be accompanied by concerts from outstanding bands including "Denver" on the 11th, "The Tracks" on the 12th and "Antonio Cassinello Trio" on the 13th.


From 19 to 21 August from 7pm-1am , Explanada de La Isla will become a Roman town with numerous activities and leisure to disclose the historical knowledge of Roman and Phoenician times, just a few metres from where the oldest submerged Phoenician ship is found to date in the world. 

Precisely, a replica of a Roman ship will be one of the attractions of this I Phoenician-Roman Festival of Mazarrón organized by the Municipality and Antikorum

The 3 day event  is the first of its kind and has Mazarrón as a starting point for a national tour. In a space of 14,000 square metres, "Portum Vita" recreates a Roman town with Phoenician presence and stimulating shopping streets with craft shops, a restaurant from Roman times and a children's area with educational workshops and small attractions. 

Also, installed will be a Roman ship of 20 metres in length around which an interpretation centre of Roman and Phoenician times can be found.

Councillor for Culture, Pedro Martinez, commented this is an important commitment that extends the range of leisure that the City has prepared during these Summer months to Mazarron residents and visitors. 


On Saturday August 20, Puerto de Mazarrón sees one of the national events that guarantees nothing but fun. 

Under the brand "Holi Run" this event reaches the Municipality  - a Spume Run of 5 kilometers. This is a race with colourful foam during the tour, with a festive ending for all participants. 

The route will be circular, starting at 7pm from the Sunday market of Puerto de Mazarrón and finishing at the same location. At each kilometer there will be an arch to pull and dispense colour foam, with five different colours in total.

This important entertainment event was presented in Mazarrón by the General Director of Youth, Francisco Sanchez along with the Mayor, Alicia Jiménez and Councilman for Youth Council of Mazarrón, Patricio Sánchez. 

The General Director highlighted that Mazarrón has been one of two places chosen by the Regional Government to host this event, which has a strong brand behind it, attracting 150,000 people each year in Spain. For the Mayor of Mazarrón, Alicia Jimenez, "it is a new activity that adds depth to the wide range of leisure activities being generating for tourists who visit us this summer".

"On August 20 Mazarrón is full of people who want to have fun in a healthy and fun environment," stated Francisco Sanchez. 

The General Director announced the sale of tickets so far is good and reminded everyone that the price for the first thousand places is 9 euros. They are available both on the web and at the Office of Tourism in Puerto de Mazarrón or at Café La Fundicion in Mazarrón


Lucia Ruiz Morata`s exhibition  “Paisajes y Personajes” can be seen in the Management Building in the marina of Puerto de Mazarrón from Saturday 6th August until 4 September from 10pm – 1.00am every evening

The exhibition is a continuation of exhibitions released during the month of July including "Petits Formats" by David Oppenheim. 

On this occasion, Lucia Ruiz offers the public a set of works of the prevailing sea landscapes of Mazarrón, as well as other nearby geographic locations. 


The Department of Tourism and Environment for the City of Moratalla, are pleased to invite you to a new day of Discovering Moratalla: "Pure Essence", in which we approach the fields of lavender and lavender that at this time is tinged with mauve in our dear Campo de San Juan, and see how it´s distilled for essence.

The people of Campo de San Juan work hard, by hand, to produce essential oil from the plants. 

This time, it is not an excursion, but we will walk as the temperature warrants, as we learn about the transformation process of this aromatic delicate scent.

To top off the day on Sunday, all who so wish, can join in the lunch that we offer at the bar Zaén.

Date - Sunday 14 August 2016
Meeting points and times:
1. Office of Tourism in Moratalla at 8:00am
2. Bar at the Factory in Campo de San Juan at 9:00 am (next to the petrol station Campo de San Juan)

To confirm attendance and sign up for the meal, please contact the Tourist Office of Moratalla, tel .: 968 730 208