Tuesday, 29 October 2013


This Sunday 3 November is the XVIII Marcha Mountain Bike (MTB ) ' Bahia de Mazarrón ' organized by the Club Ciclista 9 and ½ of Puerto de Mazarrón , with the collaboration of the Department of Sports City of Mazarrón. The sporting event was presented by the Mayor of Sports , Andres Valera , and the President of that Club , Jose de la Cruz Sanchez. Valera explained that "one more year , we celebrate this sporting event which is always a great success, as proven by the 275 enrolled who will be starting this Sunday at 9 am from the Plaza de las Comunidades Autónomas de Puerto de Mazarrón”.

José de la Cruz Sánchez , who fervently thanked the consistory for their collaboration , explained that " the test will be similar to the previous edition, as the 52 km route will go through the same places as last year ." The race, which has a hardness medium-high, departs to the direction of Isla Plana and reaches the rambla of Cañar  where " the test will then be directed to the Sierra de la Alameda to reach Mingrano , returning via Las Balsicas and Los Lorentes the heart of Puerto de Mazarrón “ explained Cruz Sánchez.

President of the Cycling Club is very satisfied with the high number of entries and is confident that " we will get to have between 300 and 350 participants this year " . The registration fee for federated is 15 euros , while for non-federal is 20 euros . This can be done through the club's website ( http://www.clubciclista9ymedia.com/ ) where you can also download a map with the route of the test. For more information, please call phone 606 76 79 65 or 609 48 59 07 . Applicants can also contact the club via email info@clubciclista9ymedia.com .

The Mayor of Mazarrón , Ginés Campillo , encouraged " citizens and tourists to approach the Port Promenade to enjoy this sporting event that wins fans over the years and noted for its unique beauty in travelling throughout much of the Mazarron area  " . The Mayor congratulated the Club " by organising year after year this important test" and thanked " the companies collaborating collaboration in this event in order that it can take place , bringing to the city a large number of athletes coming from within and outside the region. "

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This will be a Christmas Fashion Show and Mini Market at The Looking Good Boutique in La Zenia.


The ' Romería del Milagro' will finally be held on Sunday November 17 . This was agreed during a meeting recently between Neighbourhood Associations and Neighbourhood Fisherman of Bolnuevo who met with the Priest of the Parish of San Andres Apostle and San Antonio de Padua , Julio Romero , and Representatives of the Archicofradía de La Purísima Concepción. The meeting was also attended by the Mayor of Mazarrón , Ginés Campillo, and the Councillor for Celebration , Isidro Coy .

Although Article 70 of the cited statutes archicofradía dictates" the Sunday after November 17 , or the next if coincides on a Sunday, at 07:30 hours Mass will be celebrated in the Iglesia Santuario in Mazarrón and , upon completion ,  the ' Romería del Milagro ' will commence with the image of La Purisima, who will return to Bolnuevo " and finally it was agreed that the popular pilgrimage will be celebrated on the 17th , not the 24th as planned . This will cause a change in the events , as usual, held in honour of the patron on the ' Dia del Milagro ' ( November 17 ) .

Thus, the popular offering to ' La Purisima ' will be on  Sunday , November 10 . It will take place from 17 pm and depart , as usual, from the hospice ' La Purisima ' in Mazarrón. The offering , like last year, will consist of a supply of food for needy families that participants have deposited at the entrance of that residence and collected by members of ' Caritas Parroquial ' . With each food delivery is also a flower similar to that which will be worn at the feet of the Virgin , and will be accompanied in the procession by various vehicles. The procession crosses the town and generally you will find children and adults dressed in the “huertano” costume .

The Reading of the
‘Nueve declaraciones del Milagro’ will be held at the Santuario de La Purisima on Friday November 15 at 20pm . This year , this staged reading will be given by the IES theatre group of "Domingo Valdivieso " and the chorus of 'Juan Toledo ' . On the other hand , the Holy Mass in renewing the Voto de la Villa Almazarrón a la Patrona , will be held on November 17 , Festividad del Milagro, at 19 pm in the Santuario . At the end of the service the blessing and distribution of ' Virgin Oil ' will take place followed by the procession with the image of the Patron Saint through the streets of Mazarrón , visiting the churches of San Andres and San Antonio de Padua .

The only thing that remains unchanged is the arrival of the Virgin to Mazarron to arrive at the Santuario on Sunday morning November 10 , the Sunday before the ' Dia del Milagro ' , after being received in the garden that bears her name. That day, the image will depart from her hermitage in Bolnuevo at 9.30am to arrive at the garden in Mazarrón about 11am . Finally remember that the local holiday this year, which is usually the November 17, passes through Monday November 18th.

Thursday, 24 October 2013


On October 26 , the Asociación Murciana de Acordeonistas reaches Mazarron to celebrate their 5th meeting that will take place from 12 pm in the central courtyard of the Centro Cultural de Mazarrón,  better known as ' Casa de Cultura' . During the performance , soloists and orchestras formed by this instrument will perform various works ranging from classical to the popular folklore , covering even the tango. Citizens who wish may attend this event free.

Those who come to the Cultural Centre will enjoy a programme in which nine soloists will perform various pieces by composers such as Makkonen , Lars Holm, Saira , Veldhuis or Ferran , and various popular themes . Also, an accordion orchestra will perform a set among including the popular “Agua, azucarillos y aguardiente’ by Federico Chueca and ‘María la portuguesa’ by Carlos Cano “. Finally , a group of tango composed by this instrument will perform “Volver”' by Carlos Gardel , andGarganta con Arena’, by Cacho Castaña.  

La Asociación Murciana de Acordeonistas is a cultural association formed by teachers , amateur accordionists , music lovers and students of various conservatories in the Region of Murcia, and there is specialization at the conservatories of Murcia and Cieza. Professor and member of this Association Jorge Megina explained that " we are an association that is born as it were . This will be our 5th meeting and have made others throughout the territory of our region in Cieza , Archena and Murcia ... with different activities , concerts , workshops , lectures and retreats . "

Thursday, 17 October 2013


On Saturday October 26 at the courts in the District of La Cañadica, sees the “Second 12 Hours Regional Petanca Day” organized by Mazarrón Bowls Club 'Costa Calida' in collaboration with the Department of Sports of Mazarrón Town Hall . The event was announced by the Mayor of Sports , Andres Valera, Vice President of the Club, Francisco Ortiz, and Secretary, Antonio Lobo.

As explained by Francisco Ortiz "the event will be starting at 9am, with 12 teams from different municipalities of the Region of Murcia, and also some outside it, meeting in 'La Cañadica' to contest this championship that last year was a success . Each team will be comprised of 4 people plus some technical representatives , who will face off in the form of male triplets ."

Among the players who will gather in Mazarrón will be Mazarrónero Lorenzo Mendez, who has been runner-up previously and who plays for Petanca Club 'Virgen de la Salud' in the Andalusian village of Velez -Rubio , which was the group that emerged as champions in the first edition of this meeting . A meeting that "serves as a day for friendship and harmony, because after the tournament all participants enjoy a meal together," said Antonio Lobo.

Both Ortiz and Lobo thanked Mazarrón Town Council for "their support and involvement with this sporting event for another year , and their help in being able to carry this out, getting to know people from other municipalities". Also the Vice President and Secretary of the Club `Costa Calida´ stressed  the importance of “the valuable collaboration from various shops and businesses of Mazarrón , without which it would be impossible to carry out this event" .

Councillor for Sports, Andres Valera, said that "this year we collaborate with trophies and gifts to support the effort performed by Mazarrón Bowls Club ´Costa Calida´ who, like other clubs in the Region , organized this event at the request of the Petanca Federation of Murcia, to promote the sport of petanca. Hence I invite young and old to come to know this event and the sport. "