Thursday, 18 December 2014


Next weekend the food market Cresta del Gallo of Mazarrón hosts the first Christmas Fairorganized by the departments of Commerce and Local Development in collaboration with  la Asociación de Comerciantes de Mazarrón y Comarca (ACOMA). Eight businesses join existing ones here and occupy the empty stalls to offer their products in a Christmas atmosphere.

Whilst in Mazarrón, shoppers can leave their children to participate in games including workshop mime, musical activities, storytelling and crafts. The schedule of the toy library will be Friday 19th between 6pm and 9pm,   Saturday 20th between 12pm and 2pm and 6pm-8pm and Sunday 21 from 12pm-2pm.

Santa Claus will be collecting letters from young children and there will be a raffle for a set of garden furniture donated by Natura Garden. This will take place at 7.30pm on Sunday and tickets may be obtained with purchases in the participating shops.

The First Christmas fair in the Cresta del Gallo is an initiative to revitalize the mall. It has further scheduled other fairs and  activities in the coming months for that purpose, as confirmed at a press conference with Councillor of Commerce, David Fernández. For her part, Councillor for Local Development, Matilde Blázquez, expressed her intention of the Department to maintain the children's playroom during weekends. An activity, said Blázquez, which seeks to stimulate trade in Mazarron.

The President of ACOMA, Francisca Madrid, expects the fair to boost the small traders and facilitate easy shopping in the town.

Participating merchants include: Dárome, Paqui Martínez, Topitos Boutique Infantil, Chapineta, Urban Style, Bonalea, Pedro Modas y Alzare que se unen a los ya existentes: Pescadería Antonio Raja, Panadería Coyfer, Deportes Méndez, Vinoteca El Colmado, Dietética La Purísima y Carnicería Casicas.

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Christmas events with Cavalli

Cavalli Christmas School and Pony Club dates:
December: 23rd, 26th, 27th, 29th, 30th
January: 2nd, 3rd, 5th.
Tel 636 172 198 for more information

Wednesday, 10 December 2014


This year´s  ADAPT  Pantomime,  Aladdin,  is as usual a traditional favourite played with an unusual twist to an English and Spanish speaking audience.

The recent performance at San Pedro raised 1,775€ in ticket sales and donations will go to El Samaritano Association.

The Spanish community of San Pedro have come to love the traditional English Panto which is written and produced in English and Spanish each year by Jane Cronin and Eric Berg.

If you missed the performances of Aladdin in San Pedro there will be another opportunity to see this Panto in the Centro Social Jacarilla  (near Bigastro) on Friday  12th of December at 7pm.
Payment of two euros is at the door and in aid of local charity.   Please contact 620 94 65 08 or for more details.

Thursday, 4 December 2014




Under the theme “Paisajes de Mazarrón”  ("Landscapes of Mazarrón") invite all those painters who want to participate shaping their art on canvas, wood or any rigid surface with a minimum size of 65x50 cm and maximum 120 cm and with any technique they wish.

There are two categories: adults (16+) and children (from 9-15 years) and registration will take place on the 7 December at the Centro Cultural of Mazarrón from 8-11am and delivery of the work will take place from 4-6pm.

The prizes for the adult category are 2500€ for the winner, 1500€ for 2nd place and 1,000€ for 3rd place. There will be a special prize for Watercolor of 600€ and new for this year, four second prizes of 350€ will be awarded. In the junior category first prize will be a painters briefcase worth 100€, a second prize of painting items worth 60€ and a third prize also consists of painting articles worth 40€.

The winning works will become property of the City of Mazarrón. The Mayor of Culture, Ginés Campillo, remembered in his presentation last years event which was a great success in terms of participants. In collaboration with the Department of Culture , Cartagena painter Javier Lorente once again has been linked in the organization of the event. The painter highlighted the rich landscape that provides the town of Mazarrón and encouraged as many artists as possible to participate.


 Murcia Red Cross presented on Wednesday 3 December, a campaign to help alleviate child poverty. This is a solidarity run which wants to raise awareness about the need to help the child population suffering from economic  family hardship. According to the ONG, more than 20 percent of children live in households below the poverty line.

The Regional President of the Red Cross, Aurelio Luna, and Vice President, Juan Luis Chillon, presented what will be a march of 200 kilometers for runners between 6th and 8th December in Cartagena, Mazarrón, Aguilas, Puerto Lumbreras and Lorca.

Runners leave Cartagena on the GR92  reaching Mazarrón around 4pm on December 6.

In addition to this initiative, the organization have provided a telephone number 28092 where you can send an SMS with the word “infancia” at a cost of 1.20€ which will be donated to the Red Cross.

Chillon mentioned a multitude of issues that need addressing, large and small, for example the purchase of a textbook that is asked for by the teacher or a school trip that children are unable to take part in as parents are unable to afford. These are all issues where children feel marginalized and it is in many schools in the Community.

The initiative is completed by a concert on 13th and December 14th in Cartagena and Murcia by the Federation of bands in the Region.


From 12 to 14 December, in the middle of celebrations, short film fans will meet in Mazarrón. They will have 45 hours to shoot and edit a short film that includes a theme that will be focused on a genre, a location and a surprise element that can be a phrase, a character or object. All short films must present images that identify Mazarrón.

According to the organizer, Miguel Jesús Morales, the idea will prevail over technical capacities shown. The contest is completed with other activities such as workshops, screenings of short films and musical performances. The participants (up to 20 teams of 20 people) must deliver their work on Sunday December 14 at 17pm.

The winning team will receive a prize of 1000€, the runners up will receive 500€ and there will be a special prize of 500€.

The inscriptions can be taken in the web

The Councillor for Culture, Ginés Campillo, highlighted in his presentation of this contest "this is a great innovative idea that develops and promotes creativity landscapes of Mazarrón".


 Until December 13, shoppers visiting Mazarrón establishments belonging to la Asociación de Comerciantes, will participate in a draw for 300€ and 50 gifts. The draw will take place on Sunday December 14 at the Marquee in Plaza del Convento in Mazarrón. Customers will need to make at least six purchases at different stores and fill out a ticket that entitles them to participate in the draw. The first prize of 300€ may be used for purchases at local establishments.

With this initiative, la concejalía de Comercio and la Asociación de Comerciantes de Mazarrón seek to encourage purchases in the Town during the festivities. This was highlighted in the presentation of this event by the Councillor David Fernández and the President of ACOMA, Francisca Madrid, who thanked the City's for allowing a space to the Association during these dates.


The Feast of the Immaculate 2014 has already started its journey. On Saturday 29th November, 24 candidates for Infant Queen and  7 for Juvenile Queen were presented in a popular hotel in the town, in an event organized by the City of Mazarrón which was attended by the Mayor, Francisco Garcia, and Councillors of Celebration , Isidro Coy and for Culture, Ginés Campillo.

The event was presented by Lorena Coy with attendance from the queens of 2013, Ángela Madrid and Maite Martinez. Both were responsible for giving a gift to welcome the applicants this year. Ángela remembered with grace, her experience last year, while Maite Martinez wanted to share her impressions with new candidates.

The 7 aspiring Juvenile Queen of 2014 are: Salomé Buchukuri of la peña El Polvorín, Ángela López of Hotel Restaurante Guillermo, Carmen Méndez of Lacaña de Luxe, Miriam Dos Santos of Heladería Borondo, Elena Pérez of la peña El Salao, Tania Calvo of Aires de Mazarrón and Sofía Terrestre of Restaurante El Caldero.

The 24 candidates for Infant Queen 2014: Marina Lardín, Lucía Mendoza, Laura Vivancos, Yolanda Catevilla, María Elena Hernández, Neus Hernández, Génesis Alba, Ana Alarcón, Eva Alarcón, Marta Villar, Cristina García, Mireya Pedrero, Nerea Pedrero, Mireya González, Conchi Lorente, Paula Moreno, Aurora Agudo, Ana Margaret, Aitana Raja, María Pérez, Sandra Sánchez, Elena Hernández, Ana Paredes and Marina Calvo.

The Infant Queen election will take place on Saturday, December 6 at 4.30pm at the Marque installed in the Plaza del Convento. The choice of Juvenile Queen will be held from 9.30pm.


Until March 8, Mazarrón residents and visitors have the opportunity to appreciate a particular attractive exposure and links to local identity. Through hydraulic models Antonio Paredes takes us through some of the most interesting places of Mazarrón. The exhibition can be seen in the Universidad Popular in Avenida de la Constitución and in the Centro Cultural in Mazarrón.

Titled "Matri Terrae",  Paredes refers to land that has provided support throughout the centuries. Something that does manifest with the models in this exhibition based on the Castillo de los Vélez, la Fábrica de Alumbre, la Mina de Luisito y Finca Coqueta.

The opening of the exhibition was attended by the Mayor of Mazarrón, Francisco García, Councillor for Culture, Ginés Campillo and other members of the Municipal Corporation. Garcia thanked the work done by the Universidad Popular to enable and prepare the space and conditions to allow this exhibition to take place.

Visiting hours are from 8am-3pm and 7-9pm Monday to Friday at Universidad Popular and 8am-10.30pm in the Centro Cultural of Mazarrón, also Monday through Friday. Both exhibitions will be open weekends that co-incide with Fiestas.

Sunday, 30 November 2014


 "Ruta del Aperitivo".
Until Sunday 14 December
From establishment opening time until closing
Price: appetizer + cane, soda, wine or water. € 2.00.
Search the local route. Participate and win great prizes.
More information:
The participating institutions are: Bar La Cañadica, Restaurante El
Pilón, La Fundición, Café Bar Miguel, Hotel Costa Restaurante, Club de
Pensionistas y Jubilados, Café La Tasca – Tapas, Hotel Guillermo, Cafetería
Romanos, Diverty Park, Cafetería Mavy, Heladería Copo de Oro, Parroquia
de San Andrés Apóstol y San Antonio de Padua, Café-Bar Molina, Hotel Ramón,
Cafetería Centro Cultural, Brasería El Cetre, Bar la Taberna, Cafetería
Heladería Daniel, El Rincón de Eva y Bar Toñi.

II Ruta del Comercio
Until December 14
This will feature the participation of shops belonging to the Asociación de Comerciantes de Mazarrón (ACOMA).
Participate and win 300 euros and many more gifts.

18:30.Novenario Our Patron: Santo Rosario, Santa
Mass and Novena.
Location: Santuario de la Purísima Concepción.

18:30.Novenario Our Patron: Santo Rosario, Santa
Mass and Novena.
Location: Santuario de la Purísima Concepción.

From 16:00. "Paint the Virgin"  (Pinta a la Virgen) activity for children,

18:30.Novenario Our Patron: Santo Rosario, Santa
Mass and Novena.
Location: Santuario de la Purísima Concepción.

18:30.Novenario Our Patron: Santo Rosario, Santa
Mass and Novena.
Location: Santuario de la Purísima Concepción.

12:00.Inauguración of "La Feria de Dia" by the Mayor
and Councilman for Celebration.
Location: Plaza del Ayuntamiento.

17.00.Inauguración of Child Fairgrounds.
Location: Campus fairground, opposite the Municipal Stadium
Mazarrón Soccer -explanada old COEXTO-

18:30.Novenario Our Patron: Santo Rosario, Santa
Mass and Novena.
Location: Santuario de la Purísima Concepción

19:00.Start of Championship paddle for under 16´s
"La Purisima".
This tournament will be held on 5 and 6 December -Friday
from 19:00 pm and Saturday from 10:00 h-.
Location: College "Ginés García Martínez" in Mazarrón.

19:00.Inauguración of the fairgrounds and switching on of the lights,
by the Mayor and Head of Celebration.
Location: Marquee -Plaza del Convento

21:00.Pregón of the Festivity in honour of the Purisima
Concepcion, by  Mr. D Luis Marino
Mateos Egea.
Location: Parish Centre Mazarrón, located in Plaza Ramón y
Cajal, behind the Church of San Antonio de Padua

22:00.Inauguración of painting exhibition "Luz Herida" by
Antonio Martínez Mengual.
Location: Town Hall. Mazarrón.

22:30 h.Orchestra Performance "La Mundial".
Location: Marquee -Plaza del Convento

9:00. singing contest organized by
Ornithological Society "El Colorín".
Location: Soccer Stadium, Mazarrón.

9:00. Home Championship Paddle "La Purisima".
This tournament will be held on 6 and 7 December -from
9:00, both days.
Location: State College "Ginés García Martínez" in Mazarrón.

10:00, Table Tennis Championship "La Purisima”
Location: Sports Hall “La Aceña”

10:30.Homage to the victims of the concentration camp
Location: Jardin del Paz -Avenida Constitucion Mazarrón-

11:00.Conmemoration Day Constitution with "TRIBUTE TO THE
Location: Avda Constitucion, opposite the bus stop in

11:30.Cruz Spanish Roja, on the occasion of its 150th anniversary,
will hold a series of activities such as:
Official opening of the event.
Exhibition activities in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento.
Games and competitions for the Red Cross Youth in the
Municipal Marquee and flea market.
Exhibition of ancient materials and resources of Cruz

12:30. Memorial for Mazarrón Red Cross.

13:00. Presentation of diplomas and awards.
14:00. Closing of the event
Location: Plaza del Ayuntamiento.

16:30.Gala choice "Queen and Mister Children of Events
Patron 2014 "in collaboration with the school
Mazarrón dance "Antonio Jara".
Location: Marquee -Plaza del Convento

18:30.Novenario Our Patron: Santo Rosario, Santa
Mass and Novena.
Location: Santuario de la Purísima Concepción

21:30. Gala Choice "Queen of the Festival" Mazarrón 2014.
The gala will be entertained with a performance from "Edu
Ruiz "

Following the election of the Queen,  the party continues with "Tour Sie7e
Radio Road Show ".
Location: Marquee -Plaza del Convento

8:00. Start of XII National Air Painting Contest
Free "Landscapes of Mazarrón". Memorial of Domingo
Location: Cultural Centre of Mazarrón

8:00.11th  Walking Route "Fiestas de Mazarrón".
Location: Departs from Municipal Pavilion "LaAceña" leading to the
Sierra de Algarrobo.

11:00.Mass of Rociera.
Location: Santuario de la Purísima Concepción

13:00.Fiesta Rociera, VII Coexistence Groups Rocieros
Region of Murcia, organized by the group "Aires
Mazarrón ".
Parade of the Rocieros groups throughout various streets of Mazarrón,
ending in the Marquee
Location: Marquee -Plaza del Convento

14:00.Grand paella for all rocieros Get dressed with us and
enliven your tent throughout the afternoon.
Location: Marquee -Plaza del Convento

18:30.Novenario Our Patron: Santo Rosario, Santa
Mass and Novena.
Location: Santuario de la Purísima Concepción

20:00 .Admission of new Brethren and Children of the Virgin,
with imposition of medals Knights and
Ladies and Blues Bands Infantes.
Location: Santuario de la Purísima Concepción

22:00 Grand concert by "Los Marismeños".
Free admission seating
Location: Marquee -Plaza del Convento

23:30.Concert of "La Espartera".
Location: Marquee -Plaza del Convento

9:00. Mass with a Red Cross tribute to our Patron.
Location: La Purisima Nursing Home, Mazarrón

10.00. Petanque Day
Venue: Petanque Club Puerto de Mazarrón.

10:00.12 Months 12 Routes. Sierra del Mingrano cycle route
Departure and arrival at the Marquee,  Plaza del Convento -26
Organised by City of Mazarrón, in collaboration with Club Ciclista Fenicios
2.0 of Puerto de Mazarrón.
At the end, a snack for all participants will be served.
Location. Marquee -Plaza del Convento

12:00. Solemn Mass in honour of Our Mother and Patroness, in
The9 feast of the Immaculate Conception.
Location: Santuario de la Purísima Concepción

13:00.Exhibition Trialbici.
Location. Marquee -Plaza del Convento

18:00 Mass.
Location: Santuario de la Purísima Concepción

18:30.Solemn procession with the image of Our Patroness.
With the symbolic presence of all institutions in
the Municipality.
Location: Departure from the Santuario de la Purísima Concepción

21:00.Concert by group "Cold Fussion Jazz".
Location: Marquee -Plaza del Convento

22:30.Concert by the local group "Mara Bang Band".
Location: Marquee -Plaza del Convento

13:00. Meeting to mark the Day of the Mayor.
To attend this event, the City of Mazarrón will provide
 to those interested, a bus from
Puerto de Mazarrón to Mazarrón.
Departs at 12:30 hours.
Location: Marquee–Plaza del Convento

14:00.Lunch for all seniors.
The bus service will return when all planned events completed
Location: Marquee -Plaza del Convento

16:00.Election of Queen and Mister Aging 2014.
This gala will be accompanied by the “Coral La Purísima” del Centro
de Día de Mazarrón, la “Coral Bahía de Mazarrón” de Puerto Mazarrón,
Grupo de Teatro del Club de Pensionistas de Mazarrón.
In addition, other activities organized by the Day Centre of
Location: Marquee -Plaza del Convento

17:00 Child Fair. € 1.50 to closing.
Location: Recinto de Atracciones de Feria, in front of Estadio Municipal
de Fútbol de Mazarrón -explanada antigua COEXTO-

19:00 Mass
Location: Santuario de la Purísima Concepción

21:30.Concert by rock bands.
Location: Marquee -Plaza del Convento

17:00 Childs Fair € 1.50 to closing.
Location: Recinto de Atracciones de Feria, in front of Estadio Municipal
de Fútbol de Mazarrón -explanada antigua COEXTO-

20:00 h.Demonstration by Mazarrón Dance School
"Peña el Salitre", "Zumba with Ana Ruiz", "Antonio
Jara "and" Terpsicore ".
Location: Marquee –Plaza del Convento

10:00 to 19:00. "Marathon Solidarity for Cáritas Mazarrón and
Puerto de Mazarrón. Organized by La Voz de Mazarrón and participation
from Costa Calida Radio, Que Arte FM and TeleSatélite Mazarrón.
Location: Marquee -Plaza del Convento

20:00. Meeting of districts, where we can learn
and taste their dishes and desserts.
Location: Marquee  -Plaza del Convento

22:00.Night of ballads. Trovera Association Jose Maria
Location: Marquee -Plaza del Convento

10:00. School Sports.
Location: Explanada de Gredas Bolnuevo.

16:30.Athletic tests "Trophy
José Luis Moreno Val ". Benjamin and juvenile and child categories,
male and female. Organizers: Athletics Club Mazarrón.
Location: Municipal Sports "Jesus Canovas Valenzuela" situated
At Calle La Vía in Mazarrón.

17:00 - 20:00. I Mazarrón Film Competition .
Reception for the participating teams, Gala
and draw.
Location: Hall - Cultural Centre. Mazarrón. (Free admission).

21:30.Concert starring the groups "Wizard of Oz”,
" Asphalt "and" The Tracks ".
Location: Marquee -Plaza del Convento
€ 20 (advance € 18).
Selling points: Rock Café -Totana-, Calzados Luna in Mazarrón
and Puerto de Mazarrón, Oficina de Turismo in Puerto de Mazarrón,
Ayuntamiento de Mazarrón, and the Marquee in Plaza del Convento.

10:00.School chess tournament
Location: Hall of Sports "Jesus Canovas Valenzuela" situated in
Calle La Vía in Mazarrón.

11:30 h.Master-Class: zumba, aerobics and conditioning
Organized by gyms: "Fitness Centre La Aceña", "Viva
Gym "," Fitness Jara "," Gimnasio Bahia Sur, "" Olympo Gym "," Ana
Ruiz "and" Juan Antonio Iglesias ".
Free admission.
Registration to participate: 2 €, to benefit the Association Span-
ñola Cancer -AECC-. Support for all audiences.
Location: Marquee -Plaza del Convento

12:00.Solidarity football, between the old glories
of Mazarrón C. F. and C. D. Bala Azul Puerto de Mazarrón.
No entry fee but all participants and spectators to
Donate food to benefit Caritas of Puerto de Mazarrón and Mazarrón.
Location: Estadio Municipal de Mazarrón.

14.30. Organized by the
Sociedad de Cazadores La Purísima
Location: Shooting range "La Asomaica" in the District of Los
 Rincones, Mazarrón.

16:30.Child musical "The Family Festival".
Free admission seating.
Location: Marquee -Plaza del Convento

17:00 - 20:00. I Mazarrón Film Competition Survival.
Young cinema workshop (10-16 years). (Pre-registration free: Location: Room 6 - Cultural Centre.

20:00 - 21:30. I Mazarrón Film Competition Survival.
Presentation film "The composition of oblivion" +
(Free admission).
Location: Cultural Centre.

22:00.Concert starring "HENRY MENDEZ",
"RASEL", "DJ's Shega", "DJ's 2MONKEYS" and "local DJ's
Location: Marquee –Plaza del Convento
€ 12 (advance € 10).

Selling points: Rock Café -Totana-, Moon Shoes Mazarrón
and Puerto Mazarron Tourism office Puerto de Mazarrón,
City of Mazarrón, and Box Office in the Marquee in
Plaza del Convento

11:00. Parade
Location: Departure from the "Jardin del Paz", Avda Constitucion,
Passing C/San Pascual, C/La Vía, to end the tour in
the fairground enclosure opposite the Municipal Stadium
Football -explanada old COEXTO-

17:00 - 20:00: I Film Competition Survival Mazarrón.
Deadline for submission of papers, screening of short films
participants, special BSO concert, delivery of
awards. (Free admission).
Location: Hall – Cultural Centre, Mazarrón

20:00. Raffle Draw for Ruta del Comercio Fiestas Patronales 2014.
Location: Marquee -Plaza del Convento

20:30.Presentation of all trophies for events organized
 during Festivities 2014.

21:00. Raffle draw for Ruta del Aperitivo Fiestas Patronales 2014.
Location: Marquee –Plaza del Convento

22:00. End of  holidays with a performance by
 the local group "Los Luisos".
Location: Marquee -Plaza del Convento


A night shot of the town of Mazarrón illuminated and of great beauty, is the cover image of the book of the Festivities 2014. Its author, Juan Sánchez Calventus, was present on Friday 29th, with the Mayor of Mazarrón, Francisco García in the presentation along with the Heads of the Partner Associations who this year  collaborated in the opening of the summer soup kitchens and are the custodians of the  1 euro donation.

Such partnerships will benefit are: Red Cross, Caritas of Mazarrón and Puerto de Mazarrón, Nuevo Rumbo and Amigos de Naturaleza

On the inside pages the structure is in line with previous years with a review on images of last year Fiesta.  The book of the holidays this year dedicate more space to articles from local authors and characters that have Mazarrón as a their place of vacation, as in the case of journalists Isaiah Lafuente, La Ventana de la Cadena Ser and Nacho Medina, son of Tico Medina. It lso includes other individuals much closer but no less important including Mariano Guillén, Antonio Rico, Jeronimo Garcia Jorquera and Antonio Beltrán.

The book also reviews the holidays in the various districts of the Municipality and gives us a journey with pictures from all of the events throughout the year.

Inside the syllabus of the Festivities 2014, there are concerts on December 12th with performances of "Wizard of Oz", "Asphalt" and "The Track" and on December 13 when the performances will be "Henry Mendez "" Rasel "," Dj's 2 Monkeys "and" Dj Gerdj ". Both concerts will be in the Municipal marquee in the Plaza del Convento in Mazarrón, from 10pm.

The points of sale and the price of tickets is detailed in the programme

On Friday December 5th at 9pm will see the proclamation of the parties in charge, by Mazarron artist, Luis Marino Mateos.  On December 6 in the Marquee will be the Gala Election of Juvenile Queen of the Festival and on 8 December the official religious act with a solemn Mass in honour of the patron, coinciding with the feast of the Immaculate Conception will be held.

All contents of the programme has been detailed by Geni Navarro, the Municipal person responsible for Festivities. The presentation of the book and Celebration Programme was also attended by Council of Staff, Agriculture, Social Policy, Civil Protection and Local Development, Carlos Garcia, Magdalena Mendez, Maria Martinez, Miguel Garcia and Matilde Blázquez respectively.

The book of the festivities is available in Mazarrón, in the following outlets: Antonio J. Alcalá, Regalos Leyco, Papelería Folder, Piki Piki, Papelería Navarro, Supermercado Silva in Calle Monche Ríos, Comestibles Paqui, Golosinas Paqui, Calzados Luna, Eusebio Modas, Club de Pensionistas de Mazarrón and Biblioteca Municipal Gómez Jordana. And in Puerto de Mazarrón in: Papelería Navarro, Papelería Calle Mayor, Calzados Luna, Supermercado Campos, Oficina de Turismo and Biblioteca Municipal.

Tuesday, 25 November 2014


116 participants from across the country will participate on Saturday 29th November at the Tenth National Open Fishing Competition in the Bay of Mazarrón. The Mazarrón Open exceeds the one in Bay of Fuengirola which brought together 90 participants, and has just been confirmed by Treasurer of the Fishing Club of Puerto de Mazarrón, Luis Ginés Mateo.

The beaches chosen for this competition are Bolnuevo, Playa Grande and El Alamillo. Participants will meet from 3.30pm in the clubhouse, located at the end of the El Alamillo beach.  At 6pm the competition begins and will finish at 10pm.

Each participant will have two rods and will need to gather as many fish with established regional size in the 4 hour period. Whoever has more weight will be the winner. The first twenty winners will receive trophies.

Following the competition a barbecue will take place for all participants in the El Alamillo clubhouse.

The Councillor for Sports, Andres Valera, stressed the importance of  this Open and encourages the residents and visitors of Mazarrón witness this beachfront competition.

Monday, 24 November 2014


As in previous years,  la Asociación de Amas de Casa, Consumidores y Usurarios “Almazarrón” calls for the submission of traditional cribs for a contest during the forthcoming holiday season. Again there will be three categories: children, families and schools. The top three finishers in each category will be awarded.
Participants should call telephone 649 91 73 34 and 699 80 96 66. The registration period is now open and will close on Saturday December 20th. Both children and adults are often involved in this initiative organized by  la Asociación de Amas de Casa and Mazarrón Town Hall.


BMX circuit at Mazarrón Sports Complex, the only one in the Region of Murcia, will host on November 29 a test clinic between 10am and 5.30pm. It is intended both for those who are Federated and for those who are not.
Furthermore, this event will feature Spanish Champion, Gustavo Alcojor. The registration fee is 20€ for those who are Federated and 30€ for others. For further information, please call phone 968 59 18 52 and 622 16 00 08.
BMX Race is an Olympic discipline not only with representation from the Murcia region but in surrounding Communities, with much acceptance amongst the young. Who dominates the BMX bike controls the movements of your body. Moreover it is a specialty that is safely controlled whenever it is practiced in a suitable enclosure such as the circuit in Mazarrón.

This test is carried out with the cooperation of the Department of Sports City of Mazarrón.







Wednesday, 12 November 2014


Two former Tottenham Hotspur footballers are jetting into the Costa Blanca this weekend for a Charity Dinner organised by Spurs Supporters Spain at their headquarters Moores Bar in Cabo Roig.
Between them Graham Roberts and Stephen Sedgeley played over 370 times for Spurs while Graham also played for Rangers and Chelsea, was capped by England 6 times and scored 58 senior goals while Steve's career included stints at Coventry, Ipswich and Wolves plus England U21s with 37 goals to his name.

Since retiring from the beautiful game, Steve has concentrated on his building business – somewhat appropriately called COYS Builders – as well as coaching, currently at Watford, while Graham went into football management including spells as Head Coach to the Pakistani and Nepali national teams, but now he splits his time between working in hospitality at White Hart Lane on matchdays or as a fundraiser for various charities.

In this latter capacity he has become the Fundraising Ambassador for The Stacey Mowle Appeal, trying to raise half a million pounds for the treatment of Stacey´s neuroblastoma cancer in the USA, and this is the charity for which funds will be raised on the night of Saturday 15th November.

The evening gets underway at 6pm at Moores Bar with pre dinner drinks whilst watching England´s latest Euro qualifier against Slovenia, then moves next door to Marinasol restaurant for a three course meal, followed by lighthearted speeches, recollections of their careers and funny moments in the life of professional sportsmen. There will be a question and answer phase and of course the obligatory raffle and an auction for a signed THFC shirt amongst other items.

After dinner drinks will then be served in both Moores Bar and Marinasol.
Tickets are still available and can be obtained from Moores Bar, Cabo Roig or from the Spurs Supporters Spain Secretary, Graeme Clark at his office – Canal Print Rioja telephone 966 764 403.
More details about the evening and other fundraising events can also be found online at


A talk and demonstration about the benefits of wearing magnets for Arthritis etc.
On Wednesday November 19th, Phyllis Vine and Penny will be at Roda Centro Civico, main hall to talk about the benefits to men, women, children and animals when wearing magnets.  .  The easy way to describe this is that the blood is made up of cells and when we have arthritis or anything wrong with us,  the blood cells clog together and cause pain and inflammation. Wearing copper and magnet helps to separate cells and help with this pain. Obviously, more details will be given on the day.
Not only is it beneficial to wear magnets, these are ‘built’ into stunning jewellery which will make ideal Christmas presents.  Little collars for your pet if they are suffering, the new man bracelets which are all the rage for your hubby or partner, or beautiful bracelets, rings etc for the ladies. You cannot buy this product here, so come and have a look for Christmas ideas for for friends and relatives, something which will also help them,!!
All are welcome to come along to these meetings , we have found out some amazing things over the past few months. 
Join us for 11am for coffee, meet new friends, then come to the demonstration at 11.30am
If you would like to become a VOLUNTEER CARER in the Los Alcazares area helping just a couple of hours a week when needed, and which fits in with you, come along and have a chat or email  Tel Lesley 968 134 978.

HAH Christmas Craft Fayre

Culture Vultures latest events

Hello Culture Vultures

The next event for which I am trying to organise a coach is Flamenco Feeling on 29th November at 21.30 in the lovely, modern theatre, El Batel In Cartagena.

I currently have 15 people interested, and I need another 8.

There are plenty of tickets available at €19.50, 21.50 and 26.50.  All seats at El Batel have a good view.

The coach will cost €13.

The following event was to have been Giselle on 19th December, however it coincides with a concert in Mazarron, and so far only 3 people have expressed an interest, so I am cancelling the offer of a coach.

On 28th January there is an Elvis Tribute at the Teatro Romeo in Murcia.  I hope to be able to organise a coach for this event.

Best regards Annie
Email for more information.

Sunday, 9 November 2014

HAH (Mar Menor) Dinner Dance

HAH (Mar Menor) Dinner Dance at 525 hotel Los Alcazares on Friday Nov 28th at 7.30.  
3 course meal, glass wine and the fabulous RED TOPS performing. 17.50€pp  Only 30 tickets left now, so hurry to avoid disappointment.  
Tel. Angela 672 222 535. Lesley on 968 135 978 or email  
Start your Christmas off with a swing.  
SMART DRESS ONLY. NO SHORTS/T.SHIRTS ETC. Ladies Bling, and more bling!!!!

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Quiz with a difference

Friday 21st November 2014
7pm for 7.30pm start.
Lui's Lounge, Caravan Club, San Javier
10€ including fish and chips.

Raffles prizes for the winning team
Bring your friends along and make up a team

Tickets available from:
Joan Mitchell 868 185 685 or 678 135 467, or the office 968 570 059


Mountain bike run, Bay of Mazarrón


Sunday, November 9 for a distance of 52 kilometers

In collaboration with the Department of Sport and Cycling Federation of Murcia, El CLUB CICLISTA 9 Y MEDIA rearranges a new version of the March Mazarrón Bay Mountain Bike for Sunday November 9th.

The point of departure is la plaza de las Comunidades Autónomas, Puerto de Mazarrón, starting at 9am.

The run has a medium difficulty this year and will have a route of 52 kilometers. The organization will deliver trophies to the top three finishers in each category and overall. There will be gifts for all participants. More information and registration at

Help Murcia Mar Menor WW1 meets the Proms

Course to examine the heritage of Mazarrón

The first part of the course will be held from 3rd to 7th November in the premises of the Cultural Center of Mazarrón

From next week and five days Mazarrón hosts a course that examines the tangible and intangible heritage of the town. It is organized by the Secretary Graduate of Catholic University San Antonio of Murcia in cooperation with the Department of Culture of the City of Mazarrón. This is an ethnographic research project that will bring together anthropologists including Manuel Luna, course coordinator. Also participating are Abraham Navarro and local historian, Mariano Guillen.

Research Methodology and History, Economy and Social Life Mazarrón Mining: From 3rd to 7th November, the first part of the course focuses on two themes. Manuel Luna and Mariano Guillen will be responsible for guiding the first two points of a program that will be continued on dates to be decided in the months of November and December.

The course is held at the Cultural Center in Mazarrón 16:30 to 18:30 hours. The cost is 150€ and includes the diploma. The workshop is equipped with 5 credits ECTS.

Architecture Built Environment and Public Spaces and Private and World Agricultural and Rural Life will be the next two topics of the course. Manuel Luna, the ethnographer and anthropologist Thomas Abraham Garcia Navarro will be responsible for developing the latter part of the project.

The project for this course on the tangible and intangible heritage of Mazarrón includes conducting an inventory of goods ethnographic expanding to other symbolic descriptive records to interpretation, emphasizing its functioning, social use, environment and value representation .

The course is aimed at students in general people from all walks of life interested in learning and discovering the cultural heritage Mazarrón.

To register you need to provide the following documentation:
-Form Completed at enrollment:
-Photograph Size photo
Photocopy ID

The telephone number is: 620824922

Thursday, 23 October 2014


Writer Jerome Tristante visits Friday in Mazarrón. The author of best-selling novels such as 1969 and El Misterio de la Casa Aranda will offer a talk at the Cultural Centre located in the urbanization of ACENA Mazarrón from 21:00. The activity is included in the programme of activities designed by the Department of Culture for the Autumn season of the Municipal Library.

Tristante is Professor of Biology and Geology. Following the publication of his first novel in 2003, this Murcian writer  has become an acclaimed author, specializing in thrillers and characterized by rigorous historical documentation.

Among his works, has been the very popular series starring Victor Ros, a cop with a dark past who is facing rare cases in Madrid in the late nineteenth century.

Together with Maria Duenas and Francisco Mengual, Tristante belongs to a generation of authors  linked to Murcia with a strong presence in the national literary scene today.


From now until 9th November the El Corte Ingles department stores in Alicante, Murcia & Valencia will be promoting British fashion, food and culture.  The aim is to showcase the creativity of the UK as part of the “GREAT Britain” campaign.

Alicante Consul Paul Rodwell said “It’s great to see British food, fashion & culture being promoted across the area through el Corte Ingles. I hope that Spanish and British people alike take the chance to go along and support this excellent initiative between now and 9th November".

Tuesday, 14 October 2014


La Universidad Popular de Mazarrón propose on Sunday 19 October, visiting the mines of Agrupa Vicenta and Las Matildes of la Unión. The meeting point is the Plaza del Convento, opposite the church. Departure will be at 9.00 in the morning to the Matildes mine and the visit will take place from 10.00-11.00am.

El Centro de Interpretación of Las Matildes  mines is a pioneering space in the Region of Murcia. It is located in the archaeological-mine of Las Matildes mine. The entire mine has been refurbished and is the industrial plant in the Sierra Minera of Cartagena-La Union, the best preserved. It is conceived as a museum where visitors can approach, in an educational and entertaining way, the traces of more than 2000 years of history.

Next, the group will move to the reception point for a visit to the Agrupa Vicenta mine. At 11.45am the group will depart to visit the interior of the mine from 12.00 to 13.00. The tour will be accompanied by Maria Carmen Berrocal Caparros. Professor-Tutor of C. A. UNED,  Cartagena.

The Agrupa Vicenta mine, formerly known as Agrupa Vicente, is a holding pyrite whose concession dates from 1859. This mine was worked intermittently until the 60s of last century. The mine is located on the northern slope of the Sierra de Cartagena, on the road from La Union to Portman, with tin and other metals: the Pablo and Virginia mine. The visit is done inside the old mine.

After the visit, there will be a meal and then a talk on aspects of mining in the Sierra Minera of Cartagena given by Maria Carmen Berrocal Caparros, Professor and Tutor of CA UNED Cartagena.

More information and registration at the offices of the Universidad Popular and by calling 968 591 766.

Friday, 10 October 2014

Hiking around Moratalla

Starting the walk in Fotuya at the foot of the impressive cenajos del Lanchar de la Cruz we pass monumental oaks, perhaps under the flight of a vulture. We continue our way, arriving at the farmhouse Roberto Cueva, with views of the Alto Alhárabe, la falla de Somogil and the Western part of the Sierra de los Alamos. 

Starting the walk in Fotuya at the foot of the impressive cenajos del Lanchar de la Cruz we pass monumental oaks, perhaps under the flight of a vulture. We continue our way, arriving at the farmhouse Roberto Cueva, with views of the Alto Alhárabe, la falla de Somogil and the Western part of the Sierra de los Alamos.  
Followed by lunch in Restaurante Campo de San Juan
5 hour circular route departing from the Tourist Office at 8am or Ermita de San Juan at 8.45am
Severity rating of the natural environment “2”
Difficulty rating “3”
Amount of effort required to participate “3”
10€ (lunch optional 15€)

Necessary and Recommended Equipment…
Mountain / Hiking Boots
Long trousers, fleece / waterproof jacket
Backback, snacks and water
Sunglasses, gloves, sunscreen, hat
If you possess some we recommend trekking poles

Total Descent approx 110m

Thursday, 9 October 2014


The Department of Trade of the City of Mazarrón and Regional Craft Guild have organized on Saturday 11 October, a new edition of 'Artisan Market Puerto de Mazarrón,' which is held every second Saturday of each month . La plaza de las Comunidades Autónomas  welcomes this initiative between 10am and 2pm, in order to offer residents and visitors the most authentic craftsmanship that takes place in the Region of Murcia.
Thirty craftsmen involved in this market perform demonstrations of their crafts, while putting their work for sale. This month, as the workshop will feature pottery  'Romero and Hernandez'  from Totana, doing demonstrations all morning in front of the public attending this market of Puerto de Mazarrón.

The Murcia Region has always been known for having high class artisans reflected in their different jobs. It is for this reason that the Regional Craft Guild attend a street market every Saturday and Sunday, each time in different point in the Region, to demonstrate their art and provide handmade products for them produced from their hand, head and heart. These jobs generally have been transmitted for generations from father to son.