Saturday, 30 July 2011

Fiesta program for Isla Plana
Friday 5th August to Monday 15th August

Friday August 5
22.30 hours: performance of Rondalla de Isla Plana and "Jose Ramon."
Saturday August 6
22.30 hours: Proclamation of the holidays.
Performance "Javier Lopez".
Sunday August 7 Senior Citizens  Day

9 to 11 am Great chocolate and churros at Plaza del Mar.
20 hours: Snack in the Senior Club.
22.30 hours: In the Plaza del Mar great festival enlivened by "Duo Luna Neuva" And The Lottery
Monday August 8
22 to 22 hours: free mats or blow up mattresses
22.30 hours, followed by more mattresses and children's costumes with a group of animation and games for all children.
Tuesday August 9 Youth Day
22.30 hours. Metropolis Live Music Gala promotional. His character in solidarity with the Lorca tragedy and help the NGO Action Baobab
Performance of new talents and artists.
Wednesday August 10
22.30 hours: Performance of "Jose Ramon" and comedian "Niebla."
Thursday August 11
22.30 hours: Rosa María Luján performance, singer
Friday August 12
22.30 hours: Performance of "Orange Blossom Duo" and the comedian "Charly."
Saturday August 13
22.30 hours: Performance of "Duo Eclipse" and singer of Spanish songs "Veronica Lozano."
Sunday August 14
22.30 hours: performance of "Eclipse Duo" and the Humorist "Tete Linares"
Monday August 15
20 hours: mass campaign in the Plaza del Mar
22.30 hours: performance of "Duo Dueto"

Friday, 29 July 2011

The Daily Telegraph website

"The Telegraph" is the website of the famous newspaper "The Daily Telegraph"

"The Telegraph", the website of the major British newspaper "The Daily Telegraph," has called Puerto de Mazarrón  one of the best places to live. Equally impressed is the website  "Gonefishing"  Until now this area mainly has been known to the Spanish only - it is very popular with people from Madrid who come here for the month of August. August aside, When the Population trebles, it is a very quiet and unspoilt place as close to the 'real Spain' as you are going to get as an attractive seaside town ".

What the website says is that Puerto de Mazarrón is a good place to go fishing and, so far, is primarily known for domestic tourism, highlighting the swell in citizens from Madrid during the summer, especially in August. "The Telegraph" says that tourists will also find in Puerto de Mazarrón, the "real Spain" and "attractive seaside resort."

The recommendation, which is part of a section called "The Best Kept Secret" is illustrated with a photograph that shows the Nares beach, El Castellar and in the background, Bolnuevo and the sierra de las Moreras. 
This site has been "Twittered" 6 times and 67 times recommended on facebook.

Camposol Train Update

I have just come back from the lst train ride. It is an excellent ride and great value for money at only €3 return. It starts from Sector A on the hour and returns just about 1 hour later having passed sectors B C D and back again. There are regular bus stops on route but you can "flag it down" if it is safe to do so. The return journey goes up to the door at the Hotel Sensol too which is where it will be parked overnight.
The initial intention is for it to run from 12 until 3 and then from 6 until midnight but this could change based on demand for more services and longer hours. Please use this service so that we do not lose it! It is good fun, everybody is very positive about and I think its great news for Camposol. As we speak it is running approx 15 minutes late however, I think we can excuse this for the first ride. Please be courteous to Alfonso our driver!

Fiesta Program for Perin

Water Supply Puerto De Mazarrón

As a result of a broken water pipe that supplies the Puerto de Mazarrón, the service is being affected in some parts of the coastal town. The City Council of Mazarrón is working hard to resolve this setback and should will be restored completely by this evening. The City Council apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Thursday, 28 July 2011


The town (Mazarrón) has recovered cleaning machines for the beach sand!

The Department of Urban Public Services Management is making a major effort this summer to return normalcy to the streets and beaches of the municipality as far as cleaning and garbage collection is concerned. In this regard, it has re-instated cleaning beaches every day, including Saturdays, Sundays and holidays. In addition, the council has recovered the machines that comb and clean sandy beaches, that have not been in use for the last 2 years. It has also designed a new plan of work for every day the garbage is collected in all municipalities. In areas where there is a more concentrate mass of residents collections may be even twice in one day. Specifically, it has paid special attention to areas of the Port and Bay for being two areas they see their population increased with the arrival of summer.

As Mazarrón core emphasis is being placed on improving the status of wide avenues, with washdown streets and washing garbage containers as it is more than 4 years since they were cleansed. In addition, the town will install soon about 60 containers that have been recently acquired by the municipality to stop the residents having to deposit their rubbish outside the containers.

Services will also conduct an awareness campaign for residents to take out the rubbish at the correct times, it is recommended starting at 9 pm. This campaign will be the prelude to an operation that will be launched to punish citizens who do not follow these rules. Councillor of the area, Juan Miguel Muñoz, has warned that "the police will act forcefully."

Route of the train on Camposol, Mazarrón

The train has now arrived on Camposol, Mazarrón and is oficially starting tomorrow the 29th at 12 oclock from Sector A lower Car Park. Round trip is 3 euros and the route will be the following.

Train Route:
Leave Sector A Car Park and go down Calle Barcelona, there will be a stop at the end of Calle Barcelona, then it will turn left down Calle Alicante, then right towards round about, over the bridge, straight across roundabout, take a left and the next stop will be just before the car park. Then down the hill, turn right at roundabout and down Avenida Los Covachos. There will be a stop at the end of this road near the roundabout where you have to go left or right. The train will go left to the next roundabout, right at roundabout and  over the bridge, left up the dual carriage way up going past the hotel Sensol.  There is a stop at the 40 km sign post, opposite the hotel, then keep going up the hill all the way, next stop is at the semi round about to your right opposite junction.  Keep going all the way to the last roundabout off Avenida Ls Covachos and take a left down Calle Piteras, then a second left up Calle Tejon. All the way up straight over roundabout, and then join dual carriageway again. Up to the hotel and actually turn right off the dual carriageway and pass in front of hotel and Golf. Back to dual carriageway, over the bridge, left at round about, right at next round about. All the way to the roundabout near petrol station, left  and up past Comercial center B, and back over bridge right at roundabout and down to Marianos, left at Marianos and back up to Car Park.

It takes 1 hour round trip, so leave at 12 and will be at roundabout on sector D to turn left down Piteras for about 12.30. Train will stop if you flag it down.  
This is new and we are on trial to see where the best stops are. 
Also this timetable is a trial as well.

Train on Camposol has now arrived

10 minutes ago the train arrived for Camposol outside the commercial centre on B. Kelly is on the train now working out the route and the stops ready for tomorrow. Its very pretty and bright red and yellow coloured looks great!

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Official opening of train on Camposol, Mazarrón

The official opening for the new train on Camposol will be held on the 29th  Friday at 12 o'clock in Sector A Car park, Camposol, Mazarrón.

Anybody that would like to advertise on the train it is 100 euros a month for a 50x60 and there is only 18 available, so first come first serve. This will include the signs being done for you.
For us to enable us to do this we will need your logo design, your full name and account details.  Please send this to
IF we get enough people using the train we will have this service all year round.

So You Think You Can Drive!

Oval /Short Circuit racing is coming to Spain, courtesy of Velocity Racing & Circuito Cartagena - that’s official. For those of you that didn’t spend your teenage years at circuits like Bovingdon, Wimbledon & the occasional visit to Ipswich, then let me give you a bit of an insight into this.
Oval/Short Circuit Racing is motor sport performed within a flat circuit of up to 500m in circumference, which differs from a road course in that it turns in one direction only and as the turns are all very fast, standard road tyres would not last long with the extreme pressures forced on them. Oval Circuits can vary dramatically in length & physical layout and therefore each track presents its own unique challenges & demands on the driver. Different forms of Oval Circuit Racing have been around almost as long as there have been cars to race, as this was & still is, the simplest form of motorsport. Many categories of vehicle have been used from the monster NASCAR V8’s of the States to the very British mini-stocks. Here on the Costa Cálida Velocity Racing intend to bring a range of formulas, including 1300 Stock Cars, 2.0 Hot Rods, Lightning Rods, Junior Rods, Rookie Rods, & National Hot Rods to Cartagena. If you are anything like me, then this is the ‘real’ racing because ‘trading paint’ & ‘rubbing’ is just racing but without the very high speeds & without the likelihood of serious accidents. The guys from Velocity Racing will be holding a drivers meeting on 7th August 2011 at 7.00pm, at the Meroil Garage on the Cv913 off the Ap7 Junction 733 towards Callosa de Segura, with details of the circuit & a list of meeting dates. Whether it’s to register your interest in driving by signing up on the day, talk to the guys at Velocity Racing about the formulas, rules & regulations, setting up your own car, or to just have a look at what it’s all about, then be there on the 7th August as everyone is welcome.


The Research Center has launched into the sea the firstborn of bluefin tuna larvae

Murcia Oceanographic Centre, part of the Spanish Institute of Oceanography, still immersed in its research on captive breeding of bluefin tuna. In fact, the Centre has started to send to sea the first offspring of larvae of this species, after it has managed to breed in captivity around 20,000 bluefin tuna larvae naturally and from 30 adult specimens. They have already been launched into the waters of the Bay of Mazarrón more than 1,000 of these juveniles.

This was announced by the center's director, Jose Maria Bello, who on Tuesday morning, received by the researcher Alicia Garcia, the mayor of Mazarrón, Ginés Campillo, the Councillor for Agriculture, Fisheries and Rural Development, Magdalena Mendez and the councilman of Youth, Sports, Finance and Municipal Levy, Andrew James. Bellido and Garcia released to local authorities the facilities of the Experimental Plant of Marine Cultures de Mazarrón where they explained the details of the farming of bluefin tuna and other species such as bream or sea bass.

Campillo, who highlighted the great efforts of the Center on aquaculture research showed interest in these investigations and Bellido and Garcia offered the full support of City Hall so they can continue to carry out further studies to report further success in of R & D. Bellido said "it is very important for us to be embedded in the social life of the towns where we are, and we are very proud to be in Mazarrón and receive visits from schools and citizens."

Regarding the bluefin tuna farming, the center director said that "these investigations are very innovative and each year they get new achievements". This year we do a release in the cages of many more copies, which are larger and better conditions. " The next step is that these individuals can come to breed in captivity, which would close the cycle and a milestone in aquaculture.

The Center is also developing new vaccines, through genetics, for species such as bass and bream "which are acheiving very good progress." In addition to working with new species such as dentex verrugato or to find out "if you can grow them. We have many challenges, but it is important that we move forward. "


Restoration work has been carried out by the Centre for Restoration Role of Regional Archive.

Mazarrón City Council has received from the hands of the Autonomous Region 5 plans completely restored so far were badly damaged in the Municipal Archives. The Restoration Center Role of Archives in the Region of Murcia has been responsible for restoring these plans of mining machinery, used for various hydraulic systems that facilitated the drainage of the mining galleries.

All are dated between 1887 and 1903, and are made by German technicians. In the process of restoration techniques have been used have been developed leading edge in research laboratories, some of them employees of the British Library. The same has been carried to the implementation of individual and specific treatments to try to overcome various technical deficiencies that  each plan had.

This process involved the identification of each plan, surface analysis and cleaning them. Removed non-document objects as well as patches or adhesive tape. The following areas have been reintegrated lost, have repaired  cracks and tears, and then finally  laminated and chromed.

The plans were delivered to the mayor, Ginés Campillo, by the Director General of Cultural Assets, Francisco Giménez. The ceremony was also attended by the Councillor for Culture, Tourism and Education, Maria Celeste Soria, and the Municipal Archivist, Magdalena Campillo. Each year councils are asked to select the parts that are susceptible to treatment, and the municipalities themselves are proponents of the documents that need restoration. Then, in the Centre, the specialists set the priority according to the damage and the urgency of interventions.

The director general of Cultural Heritage said that "in 3 abd a half years of the restoration laboratory of paper have been restored and preserved 720 pieces in various media and formats, essentially parchment, paper, books, manuscripts and photographs, which meant back to our heritage more than 20,000 sheets, namely 20,437, historical documents, whose high degree of deterioration would endanger its preservation for future generations. "

Monday, 25 July 2011


WATER IN MAZARRÓN could be affected on Wednesday

This possible condition is due to the work that the TCM is doing in Moratalla

Commonwealth Taibilla Channel (MCT) is carrying out improvement works today and tomorrow in the Oak Moratalla Tunnel where it has had to interrupt the water supply. Because of this cut, the water levels in Mazarrón could be affected on Wednesday 27 th starting at 6 pm. However, the technical operation of this body will be in contact with the municipal technical services to ensure the minimum condition in the service.

Avon on Camposol, Mazarrón

Jan the Avon Lady will be in the Alley Palais Indoor Market every Friday until further notice!


Marcos Alarcón thanked the City Council quickly in dealing with this demand

The Union of Small Farmers (UPA) will have a local municipal building will be at "Cresta Del Gallo". This was made ​​known by the mayor of Mazarrón, Ginés Campillo, who this morning met with the secretary of UPA organization, Marcos Alarcon, and several farmers. Campillo Alarcón thanked the speed with which the new government team has met this demand. At the meeting also participated the Councillor for Agriculture, Fisheries and Rural Development, Magdalena Mendez.

UPA had requested more than 2 years prior to the corporation a place to serve the farmers of the municipality. . As Campillo explained "This will house local issues, initiatives and issues in agriculture and livestock Mazarrón". The City Council has transferred this totally free local agricultural organization, which will feature the same to carry out also courses, lectures or training activities.

The mayor has also announced today that Local Government has approved a project of revaluation of the green areas of the municipality to undertake a cleanup plan and improvement of these spaces. The Department of Management of Urban Services is undertaking a major effort to solve the problem of complacency, which in recent years have come under the gardens of Mazarrón, and this approval is specifically aimed at addressing this problem inherited from the previous rulers.


The Mayor and Councillor for Tourism actively participated in the opening ceremony

The town of Mazarrón shone brightly at the opening of the tourism fair "Marquis of Vélez" Velez-Blanco thanks to its cuisine. The stand prepared for the occasion offered to officials, residents and visitors a free tasting of different varieties of tomatoes, meats and sweets typical of the area which were provided free by agricultural enterprises
 “Susaña y Collado” y “Perichán”, la empresa “Salazones Valera” y la panadería “Capellini”.
” The mayor of Mazarrón, Ginés Campillo, accompanied by the Councillor of Tourism, Maria Celeste Soria, participated in the inauguration of the meeting tourist area coincided with the provincial deputy of Culture of the Junta de Andalucía, Maria Vasquez, Mayor Velez-Blanco, Antonio Cabrera, among other officials.
During the opening ceremony, the City Council was presented with a lithograph of the Fajardo castle egetana the corporation gave to the Mayor.

Before the fair was opened, authorities conducted a tour of the castle of the Andalusian village where they enjoyed a theatrical visit. The Mazarrón stand decorated with fruits and vegetables from the area and two displays showing pictures of the municipality, the mayor invited those present to taste the products  as the Councillor for Tourism distributed a promotional bags containing the “kumato” variety of tomatoes and tourist information about Mazarrón. Everyone was delighted with them and some later returned to the stand for a 2nd helping!

This is the second of these bi annual fairs and can be visited at the foot of the Castle of Vélez Blanco on Saturday from 6 pm to 2 am and Sunday from 6 pm to midnight. In total there will be 22 hours to promote tourism in being including strengthening the heritage that the town has related to the Marquis of Vélez. Attendees can enjoy not only the tourism fair, but also a theatrical visit to the Castle of Fajardo and a medieval market in which to perform various activities, which include a display of falconry with eagles, hawks, owls, and even a lynx.

Town Hall Phone Number

Please note that the number for the Mazarrón townhall is 968 59 00 12 and NOT 968 59 14 11 which now belongs to a private individual!


The mayor of Mazarrón, Ginés Campillo,has now received 5 municipality maps dated between 1887 and 1903 that have been restored by the region through the Centre for Restoration Role of Regional Archives. The Director General of Cultural Assets, Francisco Giménez, will be responsible for delivering the representatives of the municipalities in Mazarron, Totana, Alhama de Murcia, Mula, Murcia, Jumilla and Aguilas and various documents from the sixteenth to nineteenth centuries have been completely restored. The event was held at the headquarters of the Regional Archive. The Mayor will be accompanied by the Councillor for Culture, Maria Celeste Soria, and municipal archivist, Magdalena Campillo.


Ginés Campillo, mayor of Mazarrón
Magdalena Mendez, Councillor of Fisheries, Agriculture and Rural Development

Tuesday July 26
12:45 pm
Murcia Oceanographic Centre
La Carretera de Mazarrón Azohía

After the success of the Experimental Plant of Marine Cultures Oceanographic Centre of Murcia in regard to the breeding of 20,000 bluefin tuna larvae naturally and from 30 adults, the mayor of Mazarrón, Ginés Campillo , and the Councillor of Fisheries, Agriculture and Rural Development, Magdalena Mendez, visit this agency of the Spanish Institute of Oceanography to know the details of this investigation.

New Mayoress of Camposol

Kelly Ensor has now been given the title of Mayoress of Camposol which is a purely voluntary role.
Please send any future correspondence to

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Train on Camposol

Unfortunately due to a delay in the arrival of the train on Camposol until Monday.
The reason is because he has been sorting the train out for disabled people, and the last piece of paper to make it legal from the I.T.V place (equivalent MOT), which was promised to him by today and has not come through.

Important Meeting tonight - 21st July 2011

Ginés Campillo, mayor of Mazarrón
Government team of Ayuntamiento de Mazarrón


Thursday July 21
20:30 Hours
Plenary Hall - Town Hall
Plaza del Ayuntamiento, 1

Art Exhibition by Conchita Sanchez Lorente in Mazarrón

The Senior Community Center of Puerto de Mazarrón is hosting a new exhibition of paintings by Conchita Sanchez Lorente, Mazarron appreciated artist, showing us her most recent work. The exhibition includes 53 paintings made with the most diverse techniques such as wax, watercolors, acrylics, pencil, etc.. The theme is also varied, rotating around the central motivation of memories and fantasy. Memories rooted in the village environment, the old ways. Works that fill the center of color and joy, of evocation and poetry.

The mayor of Mazarrón, Ginés Campillo, came to congratulate Sanchez Lorente this new exhibition accompanied by the Councillor for Social Policy, Health, Gender and Historical Heritage, Maria Martinez, and Councilman Civil Protection and Public Safety, Miguel Maria Garcia. The artist and poet, told the Mayor the stories hidden behind each painting and the memories it evoked some of them.

Conchita Sanchez Lorente explained that "I dedicate this exhibition to my beloved town, Puerto de Mazarrón, whom I adore, admire and respect. To the people ... What we should never do is forget their customs, festivals as before, simple, poor, very funny and why not?, Traditions that made us extremely happy ... A people without all of this is nothing is a culture that we must preserve. "

The exhibition brings us closer to the memory of Conchita, which are also those of his countrymen. We can go places and landscapes of the town at other times as the primitive church, parts of the Alamillo, El Gachero, El Castellar ... genre scenes also found with memories of summers past and present maritime greasy pole as the Fiestas de la Virgen, "Villajarapa," "The chambilero" kiosks on beaches, bicycles or swimming.

And the memories connected with fantasy, with works in which characters are as well known as Don Quixote, Alicia, Betty Boop or a beautiful siren who is said to live on our coast Mazarron. Quite a trip suggestive, the result of intense creative work, the artist has developed over the winter and spring that just happened. The results can now be enjoyed by all those who want to experience this summer at the Home for the Elderly in The Port, on  the Main Street every day during opening hours of the center.

Monday, 18 July 2011

Summer Cinema Via Axial, Puerto de Mazarrón

Starting at 10 pm

19, 20, 21 July

True Grit
Without Limits

22, 23, 24, 25 July

Hangover 2 (now Thailand)

26, 27, 28 July

Fast and Furious (Fast and the Furious 5)
Cream 4

29, 30, 31 July and  1
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Part II)

Friday, 15 July 2011

Public transport with a difference!

There is to be a train service on Camposol. This will operate between all sectors ( A-D) and will cost only €3 for a return journey. The train will be similar to the one in operation in the Port and Bolnuevo. This will seat 40 people initially with a view to expanding if necessary. The hours will be 12.00 p,m until 3pm and then from 6pm until midnight.

Further details on stations and timetables will be available shortly on our Blog.

Thursday, 14 July 2011

Summer Train on Camposol

A train service, similar to the one in the Port and Bolnuevo, will start operating between all sectors on Camposol from next week.

We are waiting to get details of the timetable and will post the information here on the blog as soon as we get more details about the service.

Wednesday, 13 July 2011


The Bahia Sports and C.P. Ginés García will host these sports championships

From Friday 15th July Paddle Championship of Mazarrón Bay take place in first class, second class, third class and female categories. All participants will play a minimum of two games as 2 phases in each.

There will be prizes for the champions and runners up of as well as consolation. Registration by couples is 30 €. The matches will begin play on Friday 15th from 9 in the morning, ending on Sunday 17th, and will take place in the Polideportivo Bahia.

The deadline to register is Thursday morning and at night the draw will be made for participants. The draw will take place at the Sports Port of Mazarrón Bay. For more information, please call the phone 660 17 33 02

In the Polideportivo Bahia on Friday 15 it´s also the venue for the Doubles Tennis Tournament.This will last until July 30 and registration is 20 € per couple. For more information please call 669 02 02 62.

Tuesday, 12 July 2011


We have been informed that on Wednesday July 13 there will be an interruption to the water supply from 11 in the morning around the town of Mazarrón and with an estimated duration of 9 hours.

This cut will occur in connection with the repairs in Moratalla. However, the Technical Services Operations of the Agency will be in contact with the Municipal Technical Services to seek the minimum disruption.

Apologies are given in advance for any inconvenience that this cut may cause.


Puerto de Mazarrón and Leiva pay homage to the patron of the sea on 16 July. A date specified in any coastal town in Spain because it is the day that is dedicated to the patron of the sea, La Virgen del Carmen. The municipality also pays homage to "Star of the Sea" with events scheduled in Puerto de Mazarrón and the hamlet of Leiva, where this title is the patron.

In Leiva, acts in honor of the Virgen del Carmen will begin on Friday 15 at 10 pm with the opening of the exhibition "Esparto Traditional Crafts" by the artisan basket maker Casto Bellestar Alvarez. The exhibition will see a variety of works by him. Most are inspired by traditional objects of this area, and some are still useful for everyday life today. The exhibition will be in the Social Hall in Leiva, next to the church.

Half an hour later, will be the cry of these festivities that will be borne by Pilar Lopez Jorquera. Pilar Leiva Jorquera is a local of Leiva and great-granddaughter of the neighbour who donated the land for the church built in its present location. Shortly before 11 pm will see the election of the homecoming queen, the queen and the queen of children's seniors.

On Saturday 16, Holy Mass will take place at noon in honor of the patron accompanied by the Group "Aires de Mazarron." At night, there will be a piñata for all ages from 9.45p and there will be the performance of Ricky "Chico El Andaluz" and his dancers. During the course of the evening Mr. Leiva 2011 will be elected. At one o'clock there will be a “migas” competition.

On Sunday 17 at 9 am the petanque contest starts with valuable prizes, among them the highest quality hams. At 2 pm is the giant paellla. In the evening, at 8.30pm more competitions take place.

At 9.30pm is the magician and comedian act "Arlekin." This night also elects Miss Visitor and chocolate con churros will available for attendees. The activities end with a raffle to cover the expenses of the fiesta. In the event of any profits, they will be donated to the church funds.

In Puerto de Mazarrón, the fishermen will also pay homage to their protector. On Saturday from 6 pm Mass will be held at the fishing harbor with the participation of the pilgrims' choir of Mazarrón. After the Mass, the popular sea procession will take place with the image of Our Lady by the Bay of Mazarrón. On return to the fishing port, the image will be carried in procession to the church of San José.

Thursday, 7 July 2011


Enjoy the magic of the Bay of Cartagena in the evening. Enjoy the city lights with views from this sea and be entertained with live music.
JULY: Thursday and Friday at 21:00 pm
AUGUST: Thursday and Friday at 20:30pm
Single price: 12 .


Walking "The Secrets of Cartagonova."
See the sites of an ancient city.
Departure from Roman Theatre Museum.
Itinerary: Museum of the Roman theater - Decumano - Augusteum -
Casa de la Fortuna - Punic Wall.
JULY AND AUGUST: Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.
Departure: 11:00 h. Estimated duration: half day.
Individual fee: 12 .
Reduced price: 9 .

"Defense and Attack."
Tour the most important defensive enclaves of the city
Departure from tourist boats. 10:00 am
Itinerary: Tourist Boat – Fuerte de Navidad – Panoramic Elevator - Castillo de la Concepción - Civil War Museum.
JULY AND AUGUST: Monday and Wednesday.
Departure: 11:00 h. Estimated duration: half day.
Individual fee: 15 .
Reduced price: 12 .
Constructing the Roman City
July: Tuesday to Friday. 18:00 pm
Suitable for 6 to 12 year olds
Location: Museo del Teatro Romano.
4€ (duration approx 1 and a half hours)


The hiking club "Friends of Nature" has organized a hiking route for this Saturday night July This activity involves the City of Mazarrón through the Department of Sports. The departure is scheduled for 7.30pm from the sports hall of the mill, in Mazarrón.

The route, which will be a circular direction, runs along the Sierra Algarra,
La Higuerica Sola y Los Rincones.  In total the route is 14 kilometers long with a medium-low difficulty.  At 500 meters above sea level, participants can enjoy spectacular views of the Bay of Mazarrón. The club will also have an assistant coach while performing this activity.

Attendance is free and you are advised to wear comfortable shoes and water and some food for the road.  
For more information can call 968 591 810 in the mornings.



From Monday 11 to Thursday 14
18 to 21 hours: Contests and tournaments for children and adults (ludo, dominoes and chess)

Friday 15

19.30 hours: Children's Drawing Contest.
23 hours: Gran Verbena charge of "Duet". Family Raffle will take place.
Saturday 16
13 hours: Member's Day "Big Black Pudding" washed down with wine.
20 hours: Children's entertainment by the group "Caracol"
23 hours: Big Dance Duo Dolche enlivened by Vita. Family Raffle will take place.
24.30 hours: Verses and Spanish Song by Andres Mendoza.

Sunday 17

13 hours: Lunch. Traditional dishes contributed by partners and participants and washed down with wine.
20 hours, Children's Costumes. Presented with sweets.
23 hours: Big Dance Duo Dolche enlivened by Vita. Family Raffle will take place.
24 hours: Award ceremony of the competition and championships