Wednesday, 20 July 2016



The renowned painter of Blanca, Pedro Cano returns to Mazarrón to share his art with the neighbours and tourists visiting the City. 

It will be a new day of painting outdoors, centred on a masterclass of the painter with a single framework of the beautiful landscapes of Mazarrón mining.

The event, organized by the Town Hall team under the Department of Culture of the City of Mazarrón has been scheduled for Friday July 22 at 5.30pm leaving from and returning to El Jardin de La Paz in Mazarrón . No prior registration is required.


Mazarrón City Council through the Youth Council has scheduled two maritime activities that have wide acceptance. 

Aimed at 14- to 35 year olds,  they encourage respect for the marine environment whilst offering fun and learning.

On July 26 and August 2 the possibility to experience a baptism of diving in the sea will be offered. All information and how to register can be obtained at the Department of Youth located in the Municipal Pavilion La Aceña or by email at  or by calling  968 591 810.

Also, on 23 and 30 July and 13 and 20 August a boat excursion around the Mazarron coast for whale watching (dolphins, pilot whales ...) is offered. The information is also obtainable in the Youth Council, on the above contact details


Murcian fans of group Latin dance "La Calle Salsa" brings its show to Puerto de Mazarrón for the enjoyment of residents and tourists.

On 29 July and 5 August there are three free workshops of salsa and bachata with a strong charitable purpose. 

The activity was presented by Councillor for Celebration, Patricio Sánchez and David Rivera, a member of "La Calle Salsa", a non profit organization that was born in 2015 and has successfully developed different events in Murcia, Cartagena and other parts of the Region.

On Friday, July 29, on Paseo de la Sal, sees the bachata workshop focusing on salsa and the charitable activity is collecting food to benefit the New Course Association. It will take place from 8pm

On Friday, Aug. 5, again on the Paseo de la Sal and at the same time two teachers of Murcia, Pedro J. and Lidia, will hold a free workshop bachata to benefit the Spanish Association Against Cancer.

Saturday, 9 July 2016


The City of Mazarrón, la peña Flamenca Melon de Oro (creator of the Festival Lo Ferro) and La Voz de Mazarrón are jointly organizing the first Gala Flamenca to be held on Saturday July 16 from 22:00 pm on the Paseo La Sal in Puerto Deportivo de Mazarrón. 

The event was presented by the Councillor for Culture, Pedro Martinez in the company of Mariano Escudero, coordinator of Lo Ferro Festival which this year celebrates its XXXVII edition.

The winner of 2015 Melon de Oro will be performing, "Filo de los Patios", accompanied on guitar by Antonio Fernández "El Torero". On stage also you will appreciate the art of Soraya Sanchez and Paquito Sanchez and by an appearance by the prestigious Ballet Festival Lo Ferro


Until mid-September, Puerto de Mazarrón has an added incentive of expanding its shopping and leisure. 

The mayor of Mazarrón, Alicia Jimenez and the councilman of Commerce, Marisol Vivancos inaugurated the now traditional summer night market located at Avenida Costa Calida, behind the Market Square next to the Medical Centre. 

23 stands that offer their best products, are open daily from around 8pm until dawn.

Until September, residents and tourists of Mazarrón have the opportunity to wander among stalls and craft booths to find a wide variety of products.


The Paseo de la Sal Puerto de Mazarrón, next to the new marina, will see the First Festival of Theatre "Rafael García Castillo". Those who enjoy a walk along the sea will also have the option to see and hear outdoor theatre, free of charge. There will be five plays from Monday 11 to Friday 15 July, from 11pm

This event was presented  by the Mayor of Mazarrón, Alicia Jimenez, who emphasized that this is an activity that covers two objectives. On the one hand, extends the range of summer activities with the theatre scene, which to date had not been carried out. And secondly, recognizes the name the work and commitment to the theatre by Rafael García Castillo, recently honoured by the society of Mazarron.

Rafael García Castillo was flattered by this new recognition and congratulated the consistory for offering theatrical activities in the summer season, "so that tourists see that Mazarrón is not just sun and beaches". José María López Ballesta, director of the Universidad Popular of Mazarrón invited both locals and visitors to come and witness the different plays.

The works respond to varied topics and try to satisfy everyone. The schedule of performances starts Monday July 11 with "Juegos Prohibidos" by UGTeatro.

 On Tuesday July 12 will be the turn of "Tarantos", by the theatre group “El matadero”. 

On Wednesday July 13 "El Triciclo” by ArtEfímero is staged. On Thursday July 14, "De mutuo acuerdo" by “Espacio imaginado” and on Friday 15 July, "Banqueros" a stage adaptation of Rafael García Castillo interpreted by the Theatre Workshop of the Universidad Popular.  


Summer nights of Puerto de Mazarrón will have an added incentive this year. Next to the fishing pier, the City of Mazarrón have organized an attractive programme of concerts under the title “El Muelle Music Festival”.  The event, which will run from 21 to 24 July, proposes four days of fun and great music with the participation of more than a dozen groups and artists  

Concerts begin on Thursday July 21 with a performance of "Medina Azahara" at 10pm. On Friday July 22, it will turn to the "Orquest Maxims" in a musical gala fundraiser that will benefit the Spanish Association Against Cancer. 

On Saturday July 23, from 9.30pm, "Claim", "Leon Benavente" one of the winners in the latest edition of SOS Festival and the successful murciano group "Second" will be on stage. The same night also sees Guille Milkiway and Don Fluor. 

On Sunday July 24, the programming will be devoted to local djs "Ger", "Ruby" and "Little Nookie" . There will also be a fun Foam Party and "Cocoloco" event with Felix Olivares. All from 10pm

Ticket Sales

Medina Azahara
La Fundicion (Mazarrón)
Tourist office (Puerto de Mazarron)
La Sal (Puerto de Mazarron)
Portobello (Puerto de Mazarrón)

Claim, Leon Benavente and Second
La Fundicion (Mazarrón)
Tourist office (Puerto de Mazarron)
La Sal (Puerto de Mazarron)

Foam party and party CocoLoco
Foundry (Mazarrón)
Descuadre (Mazarrón)
Tourist office (Puerto de Mazarron)
La Sal (Puerto de Mazarron)

Tickets for the concert of the orchestra Maxims benefit the AECC, they can be purchased by contacting members of the local group of this association.


Activities have begun  - “De tu plaza a tu mesa”, is a campaign launched by the City of Mazarrón in order to encourage purchases in the Market Square of Puerto de Mazarrón. The campaign will last until early August. Currently, the Market Square of Puerto de Mazarrón has 26 open stands and 7 closed.

The event includes various activities such as tasting local products, musical performances, falconry activities and workshops

Products tastings take place in the same location where the wide range of local products are presented. These will take place on 14, 21 and 28 July, between 11am and midday. “De tu plaza a tu mesa”, programme also includes Nature Classroom activities for children that will be conducted in collaboration with Club de Senderismo de Mazarrón.  Rafael Peral, a member of “Amigos de la Naturaleza” has confirmed these will be held on 12, 19, July 26 and August 2, between 10am and 11am.

Exhibition - Mazarrón

The Murcian Artist, Juan Antonio Cortés Abellán exhibits "Exodus" until July 30th, which was inaugurated by the Councillor for Tourism, Maria Angeles Roman with the artist and curator of the exhibition, Juan Francisco Martinez

The exhibition is open Monday to Saturday from 10am until 2pm and in the evenings, Monday to Friday between 6pm and 9pm


David Opppenheim will present "Petits Formats" in Puerto de Mazarrón until 31 July. The exhibition can be seen every night in the exhibition hall of the management building in the Marina, from 22:00 to 01:00 hours.

The French painter has a long career that has taken him to many European galleries.