Wednesday, 28 June 2017


This Thursday you can see the final result of the new mural in Mazarrón , although there have been many who have been trying to catch a glimpse of it.

Since the beginning of the week, 15 students of the Higher Education Training Cycle of the School of Art of Murcia started the painting of a mural of 265 square metres that occupies a neutral space in a central area where hundreds of pedestrians pass - Plaza Toneleros of Puerto de Mazarrón.

Pedro Martinez, Councillor for Infrastructure and Culture, visited the group of young artists on Tuesday to check the progress of the work. The mural links the past and the future of the municipality with the main image of a goddess avant-garde style and in which will be present the colour red that is a characteristic of Mazarrón, as well as the Phoenician ship and sailors.

Without being finished, the mural has already caught the attention of the neighbours and even some tourists have begun to take “selfies” next to the painting, according to Pedro Ayala, responsible for the project. The activity is included in the programme of extracurricular practices of the students of the School of Art of Murcia.



In order to offer a better service and to offer the increased number of readers that the Summert season sees, the library of Puerto de Mazarrón, located in the Avenida Costa Cálida, extends its schedule until the 20 of September.

The municipal facilities will open their doors from Monday to Friday from 8:30 am-2pm and from 4-9pm


 The Councillor for Culture of the City of Mazarrón, Pedro Martinez, presented recently the schedule of cultural activities included in the summer agenda.

Music, theatre, exhibitions and the 125th anniversary of Casas Consistoriales make up the bulk of the activities aimed at all audiences.

The second edition of the Rafael García Castillo Theatre Festival (10 to 14 July in the Paseo de la Sal), will start three months of activities with outstanding figures such as the II Flamenco Gala (8 July on the Paseo de la Sal), the Literary meeting of the Bay of Books (August 9), as well as classic events such as the Musical Summers organized by the "Maestro Eugenio Calderón" School of Music

José Miguel Murani will be in Bolnuevo to participate in an activity that achieved a remarkable success last summer. This pianist will perform on Friday 11 at 10:30pm in front of the Erosions.

Art will have a large space in the cultural programming with Álvaro Peña's exhibitions at Casas Consistoriales (until July 22), Miriram Martínez at Casa del Mar (from July 1 to 31), Nono García In Casas Consistoriales (from August 4) and José Manuel Peñalver in Casa del Mar of ​​Puerto de Mazarrón (from August 8).

The cultural offer of summer will culminate with a large event,  developed on the occasion of the 125th anniversary of the modernist building of Casas Consistoriales. This programme includes an agenda of theatrical visits on September 1, 2, 8 and 9, as well as a cycle of conferences with the participation of Valentín Sarabia (September 4), Mariano Guillén (September 5) and José Antonio Rodríguez (September 7).

In addition, the programme of this historic building includes the concert of Maxi Garcés (Friday, September 8) and an oil workshop by Juan Martínez Cánovas for Friday 15, Saturday 16 and Sunday, September 17.

Thursday, 22 June 2017


The town's dance schools will hold their summer festivals in the Plaza de las Comunidades Autónomas del Paseo Marítimo in Puerto de Mazarrón for three weekends. 

Members and officials of the five academies presented on Thursday the programming of performances with which they will try to capture the different dance styles as well as the main objective of promoting this activity in the municipality.

Accompanied by the Councillor of Festivities of the City of Mazarrón, Patricio Sánchez, who, once again, thanked the work and collaboration of members of all schools, for their participation in the calendar of festive activities of the Municipality.

Terpsícore academy will open on Saturday, June 24, and will continue with De Rosa, Antonio Jara and Ana Ruiz the weekend of July 30 to July 2. Ending these events will be Juan Antonio Iglesias on Friday July 7. All performances will take place at 10:00pm



The multi-faceted theatrical author José Rogelio Fernández Lozano, inaugurates on June 23 his new exhibition of painting entitled "Aromas and Harmonies" in the Exhibition Hall of the Convent of San Francisco, sponsored by the City Council of Moratalla.

At 9pm sees the presentation with the attendance of the painter Ana María Almagro and the musical performance of Ana Fernández Egea, daughter of the painter.

Then in the Sala del Convento the exhibition will open to the public and a glass of Spanish wine will be served. 

The exhibition will be open from June 23 to July 17 inclusive, in the morning and afternoon, except for the holidays when the exhibition will be closed

PLACE: Exhibition Hall of the Convent of San Francisco.

DATE: From June 23 to July 17, 2017.


The hamlet of Cañadas del Romero will celebrate its patron saint festivities from 23 to 25 June.

The festivities will begin on Friday June 23 at 10pm with a Great Chocolatada with sweets, followed at midnight with the traditional light of the night of San Juan.

On Saturday, June 24, at 2pm a giant paella can be tasted and at 8pm there will be a Mass and a wreath in honour of the Patron Saint John the Baptist.

On Sunday, June 25th, at 8am and at 1pm there is a day fair in the Social Centre.

Thursday, 15 June 2017


The Department of Sports of the City of Mazarrón has opened the registration period for swimming courses and other sports activities of Summer 2017. 

The pool of the Siglo XXI school in Puerto de Mazarrón will once again be the host of swimming courses that will be divided in to three periods and will be aimed at children between the ages of 3 and 15 years old. Those over 15 years old may apply for admission to the maintenance swimming courses

The first period for children from 3 to 15 years old will take place between July 3 to 21, the second between July 24 to August 11 and the third from August 14 to 31. 

The maintenance courses will have two periods, from 3 to 21 July and from 24 July to 11 August, in two time sessions (9:15am and 2pm)

The courses for the younger children will be taught in the morning or afternoon, according to the monitors. Registration can only be made for a course. If you start the first course, there are free places for the following ones and you will be able to choose them.

 The price per course is 25€ for children and 30€ for maintenance courses. The quota of students will be limited, respecting the rigorous order of inscription

More information in the Department of Sports from Monday to Friday from 9am – 2pm or by calling 968 58 18 52


The Council of Youth of the City of Mazarron has scheduled for Friday 23 and Saturday 24 June two new sessions of the Workshop of Laughter. 

It is a free activity aimed at young people from 16 years old with the aim of putting into practice the health benefits and emotional techniques that make the person laugh in a natural way.

An event for fun and release stress takes place at the IES Domingo Valdivieso on Friday, June 23 from 7pm-10pm and on Saturday, June 24 from 10am-1pm

More information in the Department of Youth of Mazarrón. Telephone 968591810 and in the email


On Saturday, June 17, the Cultural Centre of Mazarrón will host the II Meeting of Reading Clubs of the Network of Libraries of the Region of Murcia. 

The day is aimed at readers in general and reading club members. 

Those interested in participating must fill out the registration form available at the municipal libraries as well as at the municipal website. The meeting will have as guest the writer Luis Leante.

The programme will begin at 9:30 am with the assistance of the Director General of Cultural Heritage, Juan Antonio Lorca. After the communications,a visit to the bay of Mazarrón with panoramic views and a round table with the participation of Luis Leante at 5.30pm. 

The meeting will be closed at 7:30pm


The weekend of Saturday, June 17 and Sunday, June 18, Mazarrón will host the regional beach handball circuit organized by the Regional Handball Federation. 

The Municipality will once again offer its ample possibilities as a tourist and sports destination. 

It is expected, according to the President of the Murcia Federation, that there will be more than a hundred participants in the various categories of a championship that will be scoring for the national ranking.

Two fields on the Bahia beach will be the setting for this sporting event and Sports Councillor Patricio Sánchez thanked the Regional Handball Federation for having chosen Mazarrón as a venue to celebrate this event and mentioned the importance of these events, given the attraction they generate for the benefit of the hotel industry.

More information at


The Municipal Stadium of Mazarrón will host on Saturday 17 and Sunday, June 18, the fifth edition of the Mazarrón Base Soccer Tournament. A total of 27 teams will participate in the various categories in the modalities of football 11 and football 8.
On Saturday, June 17 soccer tournament 11 takes place, starting at 9am. The final phase will start at 4pm and the closing and delivery of trophies is scheduled for 9pm. Two matches of the 11 football championship will be played in the Sports Complex of the Media Legua.
Sunday will be the turn for football 8, starting also at 9am, with the final phase taking place at 4pm. The delivery of trophies and closing is scheduled for 8pm
Participating teams
EF Alhama, CD Mediterráneo  and Mazarrón Fútbol Base
Group A: EF San Miguel, EF Santa Ana, Mazarrón Fútbol Base A
Group B: Selección Murciana Benjamín, CD Mediterráneo, Mazarrón Fútbol Base B
Group A: EF San Miguel, CD Mediterráneo, CD Lumbreras
Group B: CF Santomera, EF Santa Ana, Mazarrón Fútbol Base
EF Santa Ana
Selección Murciana Infantil
ED Javalí-La Ñora
Mazarrón Fútbol Base
Nuevo Retiro CF
CD Mediterráneo
ED Javalí-La Ñora
Mazarrón Fútbol Base
EF Alhama
EF Santa Ana
ED Javalí-La Ñora

Mazarrón Fútbol Base

Thursday, 8 June 2017

San Javier events 2nd - 11th June

VI Festival de Teatro

From June 15 to 28, 14 performances will be staged with the participation of about 300 students from Theatre groups in Yecla, Murcia, Cartagena, Totana, Lorca, Alcantarilla and Mazarrón

The Theatre Festival organized by the IES Antonio Hellín Costa of Puerto de Mazarrón grows another year and expands goals with the announcement for the First Regional School Theatre Competition. The Festival will begin on June 15 and end on the 28th. All performances will take place in the central courtyard at 9:30 p.m.

The 6th edition of this cultural and educational event was presented by the Councillor for Culture, Pedro Martínez together with Director of IES Antonio Hellín, Pedro Lorite and the teachers responsible for the activity, María del Carmen Marín and Isabel M. Ballesta. Of the 14 theatrical performances planned, 5 will enter into competition. There will be a first prize valued at 500 euros and a second prize valued at 200 euros. There will also be recognitions for best actor and main actress and cast and the best group. All youth participants will be presented with an event t-shirt.

To encourage participation and assistance, the organization has prepared cards that will be stamped at each event. Those who get seven or more stamps will have the option of depositing the card in an urn on the closing day (June 28) for a raffle offering a prize of virtual reality glasses or dinner for two in a collaborating restaurant. This card can be collected at the IES Antonio Hellín, at the Tourist Office of Puerto de Mazarrón and Town Hall. It can also be downloaded at the website of the Institute and the City of Mazarrón.


15th Ceremony of Inauguración. “Las aventuras de Alpargata y Zapatilla”. Grupo Teatral Paninos. Colegio Infanta Leonor. Mazarrón

16th “Mentiras enjauladas”. Grupo de teatro del IES Domingo Valdivieso. Mazarrón

17th “La Ola”. Grupo Marabunta. IES Antonio Hellín Costa. Puerto de Mazarrón. “Reñir por Reñir”. Grupo Ambrosia. IES Prado Mayor. Totana

19th “Shake Shakespeare”. Grupo de Teatro del IES El Carmen. Murcia. COMPETITION

20th “Refugiados de los romances”. Grupo tercero Mares. IES Sanje. Alcantarilla. COMPETITION

21st “Puss in boots/El gato con botas”. Theatre Workshop Colegio Manuela Romero. Puerto de Mazarrón. “Los músicos de Bremen”. Grupo Infantil Matutino Mediterráneo. IES Mediterráneo. Cartagena

22nd “Terapia de grupo”. Grupo Rafael García Castillo. Universidad Popular de Mazarrón.

24th “Troyanas”. Grupo Helidoni. IES Ramón Arcas Meca. Lorca. COMPETITION

25th“La zapatera”. Grupo Luces y Sombras. IES Felipe VI. Yecla. COMPETITION

26th “Lisístrata”. Grupo Caligae. IES Castillo Puche. Yecla. COMPETITION

27th “Nemesio y Engracia van al médico”. Grupo de Teatro CEIP Miguel Delibes. Puerto de Mazarrón.

28th “El canto del Aedo”. Compañía El picarete rey. GRUPO PROFESIONAL. With the collaboration from group Marabunta.

All the events take place at 9.30pm in the central patio of IES Antonio Hellin Costa, Pto de Mazarrón

Wednesday, 7 June 2017


At 11pm on Saturday, June 10, the "Viral Zombie" adventure will start at the Plaza Toneleros de Puerto de Mazarrón, where young people will enjoy the town living a different night thanks to the adrenaline that generates a booming leisure activity. 

The "Viral Zombie" experience was presented together with the Tourism Office (one of the ticket outlets) by the Youth and Party Councillor, Patricio Sánchez and by the organizers, Antonio López and Gonzalo Mateo.

Patricio Sánchez encouraged the young people to enjoy this different experience in a weekend before the summer starts , as one of the many activities offered on the coast of Mazarrón.

Zombie-themed military and character actors will be dispersed through the streets of Puerto de Mazarrón with the aim of creating scenes and role-plays that the participants will have to overcome.

The organizers remind everyone that children under 14 years old who wish to participate must be accompanied by an adult and with signed authorization. From 15 to 17 years of age,  the participants must provide the authorization that can be downloaded on the website

Over the age of 18, participation is free.

 Tickets can be obtained from authorized local sales outlets in Mazarrón (Youth Department, Calzados Luna and Cafetería La Fundición) and in Puerto de Mazarrón (Tourist Office).


The facilities of the Petanque Club of Puerto de Mazarrón, next to the Rihuete beach, will host on Saturday 17 and Sunday, June 18, the Spanish Championship of Petanca as well as other Petanca Competitions

The event will bring together more than 120 participants who will arrive in Puerto de Mazarrón from different autonomous communities, mainly from Andalusia, Valencia, Catalonia, Cantabria and Madrid, as well as having the presence of participants from the Region of Murcia

Alicia Jiménez, Mayor of Mazarrón, stressed the importance of organizing a sporting event for a Municipality that promotes sport throughout the year as a place to host different events

The winner of the Championship of Spain during the event in Puerto de Mazarrón will represent the Spanish Federation in the European Championship to be held the following week in Paris


The Council of Tourism of the City of Mazarrón offers for this month of June four new free guided tours that invite you to learn about the history and scenic beauty of the Bay of Mazarron. 

The first one took place on Saturday June 3. A cultural visit including the sights of modernist building of Casas Consistoriales, which this year marks its 125th anniversary.

The second of the routes for this month of June will take place on Saturday, June 10. It will be a hiker route of 3-4 hours of duration and high difficulty with return to the Monte de la Panadera, ascending from La Azohía to the Tower Santa Elena (century XVI), passing Collado de los Siete Cucones, Pico de la Panadera, Centro de Transmisiones de la Picadera and returning to a La Azohía. 

  Comfortable shoes are recommended and bringing plenty of water. The limit of places is 40. The registration period will open on Saturday, June 3rd.

On Saturday, June 17, the Mazarrón Mines will be visited, a landscape of great beauty, a vestige of the mining past of the Municipality that had its greatest splendour between the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th. The route will last for 2.5 hours. It also has a limit of 40 places, and the registration deadline is open on Saturday, June 10.

For Saturday, June 24, a new hiker route is planned for the Sierra de las Herrerías, reaching the fire watch tower at the summit, from which you can see the whole bay of Mazarrón and Coto Fortuna. It is a medium to difficulty route of 9 kilometers and 3-4 hours duration. Limit of 40 places and registrations open from Saturday 17 June.

More information and reservation of places at the Tourist Office of Puerto de Mazarrón, by calling 968594426 or online at



José Sánchez Blaya this June exibits "Essentials", a photographic sample of 40 images that collects familiar faces from different areas of the Municipality.

The Mayor of Mazarrón, Alicia Jiménez and the Councillor for Culture, Pedro Martínez, attended the inauguration of the exhibition that took place on Friday June 2 in the renovated exhibition hall of the Antigua Universidad Popular and current ground floor of the CIME building, located on Avenida de la Constitución, 65 Mazarrón.

The exhibition can be visited until 30 June from Monday to Friday (except holidays) from 8pm-10pm


Professionals of the Premier League will be in the Mazarrón Sports Complex of the Media Legua on Friday 16 and Saturday June 17 on the occasion of a Football Campus organized by Midas Sport Management, in collaboration with the Department of Sports of the City of Mazarrón. 

The British delegation will be assisted by national professionals, among them Carlos Perelló, current goalkeeper coach of Jumilla, as well as technical personnel related to Orihuela Club de Fútbol.

The activity was presented by Patricio Sánchez, Councillor for Sports of the City of Mazarrón, along with José Manuel García, representative of Midas Sport Management.

The Campus will be aimed at children aged 14 to 17 who will have the option of joining the bases of a Premier League club, with all the sports and personal training they offer in them, as well as the consistent learning of the language.

The fields of the Sports Complex will serve to carry out different exercises that will help the scouts to determine the possibility of attracting young talent. According to José Manuel García there will be two possibilities: to enable a follow-up of a boy in our country or directly take him to an English club to continue there his evolution. One of the clubs that will have representatives in Mazarrón, during that weekend, will be Fullham FC.

The campus hours will be Friday, June 16 from 4-9pm and Saturday, June 17 from 10am-2pm and from 5-9pm in the fields of the Sports Complex.
Information and registration on:


June 9
The Drilo Gang at Recinto Festero in Ctra. Calasparra

June 10
Sports Event, Vertical Race

June 18
9.30am Sports Event at the Sabinar

June 25
ROUTE: Barranco de Hondares from the Somogil
Information and booking at Tourist Office of Moratalla, telephone 968 730 208, email: 


Castle tours
From Tuesday to Friday
Visit to the interior of the fortress castle by prior reservation at Moratalla Tourist Office, phone 968 730 208.
Entry price 2 euros, with discounts for groups
Saturdays and Sundays
From 10.30am-2pm and from 4.30pm-6pm Open to the public, entrance fee 2 euros, with group discounts

Visits to Drum Museum
Saturdays and Sundays
From 11.30am-1.30pm


Information: Association of Drummers

Tuesday, 6 June 2017


The Diner & Bar at Camposol B sector are pleased to announce their promotions for June.....

Between 4-6pm every day 1 child eats free (up to 10 years of age) when 2 adults are dining

Happy Hour is between 7-9pm each day and offers...
Ambar 1.95€ (yes, it really is less than 2€)
Radler 2.20€
Cocktails 3.50€

Between 9-10pm every day, basket meals are available for 5€

Breakfasts are also now available every day of the week and their menu is served between 9.30am and 9pm daily