Thursday, 23 October 2014


Writer Jerome Tristante visits Friday in Mazarrón. The author of best-selling novels such as 1969 and El Misterio de la Casa Aranda will offer a talk at the Cultural Centre located in the urbanization of ACENA Mazarrón from 21:00. The activity is included in the programme of activities designed by the Department of Culture for the Autumn season of the Municipal Library.

Tristante is Professor of Biology and Geology. Following the publication of his first novel in 2003, this Murcian writer  has become an acclaimed author, specializing in thrillers and characterized by rigorous historical documentation.

Among his works, has been the very popular series starring Victor Ros, a cop with a dark past who is facing rare cases in Madrid in the late nineteenth century.

Together with Maria Duenas and Francisco Mengual, Tristante belongs to a generation of authors  linked to Murcia with a strong presence in the national literary scene today.


From now until 9th November the El Corte Ingles department stores in Alicante, Murcia & Valencia will be promoting British fashion, food and culture.  The aim is to showcase the creativity of the UK as part of the “GREAT Britain” campaign.

Alicante Consul Paul Rodwell said “It’s great to see British food, fashion & culture being promoted across the area through el Corte Ingles. I hope that Spanish and British people alike take the chance to go along and support this excellent initiative between now and 9th November".

Tuesday, 14 October 2014


La Universidad Popular de Mazarrón propose on Sunday 19 October, visiting the mines of Agrupa Vicenta and Las Matildes of la Unión. The meeting point is the Plaza del Convento, opposite the church. Departure will be at 9.00 in the morning to the Matildes mine and the visit will take place from 10.00-11.00am.

El Centro de Interpretación of Las Matildes  mines is a pioneering space in the Region of Murcia. It is located in the archaeological-mine of Las Matildes mine. The entire mine has been refurbished and is the industrial plant in the Sierra Minera of Cartagena-La Union, the best preserved. It is conceived as a museum where visitors can approach, in an educational and entertaining way, the traces of more than 2000 years of history.

Next, the group will move to the reception point for a visit to the Agrupa Vicenta mine. At 11.45am the group will depart to visit the interior of the mine from 12.00 to 13.00. The tour will be accompanied by Maria Carmen Berrocal Caparros. Professor-Tutor of C. A. UNED,  Cartagena.

The Agrupa Vicenta mine, formerly known as Agrupa Vicente, is a holding pyrite whose concession dates from 1859. This mine was worked intermittently until the 60s of last century. The mine is located on the northern slope of the Sierra de Cartagena, on the road from La Union to Portman, with tin and other metals: the Pablo and Virginia mine. The visit is done inside the old mine.

After the visit, there will be a meal and then a talk on aspects of mining in the Sierra Minera of Cartagena given by Maria Carmen Berrocal Caparros, Professor and Tutor of CA UNED Cartagena.

More information and registration at the offices of the Universidad Popular and by calling 968 591 766.

Friday, 10 October 2014

Hiking around Moratalla

Starting the walk in Fotuya at the foot of the impressive cenajos del Lanchar de la Cruz we pass monumental oaks, perhaps under the flight of a vulture. We continue our way, arriving at the farmhouse Roberto Cueva, with views of the Alto Alhárabe, la falla de Somogil and the Western part of the Sierra de los Alamos. 

Starting the walk in Fotuya at the foot of the impressive cenajos del Lanchar de la Cruz we pass monumental oaks, perhaps under the flight of a vulture. We continue our way, arriving at the farmhouse Roberto Cueva, with views of the Alto Alhárabe, la falla de Somogil and the Western part of the Sierra de los Alamos.  
Followed by lunch in Restaurante Campo de San Juan
5 hour circular route departing from the Tourist Office at 8am or Ermita de San Juan at 8.45am
Severity rating of the natural environment “2”
Difficulty rating “3”
Amount of effort required to participate “3”
10€ (lunch optional 15€)

Necessary and Recommended Equipment…
Mountain / Hiking Boots
Long trousers, fleece / waterproof jacket
Backback, snacks and water
Sunglasses, gloves, sunscreen, hat
If you possess some we recommend trekking poles

Total Descent approx 110m

Thursday, 9 October 2014


The Department of Trade of the City of Mazarrón and Regional Craft Guild have organized on Saturday 11 October, a new edition of 'Artisan Market Puerto de Mazarrón,' which is held every second Saturday of each month . La plaza de las Comunidades Autónomas  welcomes this initiative between 10am and 2pm, in order to offer residents and visitors the most authentic craftsmanship that takes place in the Region of Murcia.
Thirty craftsmen involved in this market perform demonstrations of their crafts, while putting their work for sale. This month, as the workshop will feature pottery  'Romero and Hernandez'  from Totana, doing demonstrations all morning in front of the public attending this market of Puerto de Mazarrón.

The Murcia Region has always been known for having high class artisans reflected in their different jobs. It is for this reason that the Regional Craft Guild attend a street market every Saturday and Sunday, each time in different point in the Region, to demonstrate their art and provide handmade products for them produced from their hand, head and heart. These jobs generally have been transmitted for generations from father to son.


The exhibition hall of la Muralla Bizantina has hosted, since October 3rd, an exhibition by Mazarrón artist, Luis Marino. Titled "Susaña" the author attempts to recreate personal feelings, many from his childhood, based in Mazarrón.

"The name of Susaña corresponds to a mysterious place of Mazarrón coast occupying some of my earliest memories: west moons, salt land, the smell of wet sand ..." Marino has tried to recreate those sensations photographing the plastic skin greenhouses that now take those places.

The exhibition is open from 10am-1pm from Tuesday to Saturday and can be viewed until 11 January.


Tuesday, 7 October 2014


La Mancomunidad de Canales del Taibilla announce a cut of the water supply service that will affect the entire Municipality of Mazarrón from 00:01 hours on 9 October. According to an estimate by the technical services, the duration of the water cut will be around 12 hours.

The technical services of the Mancomunidad expressed their commitment to remain in contact with the municipal officers of the City and restore supply as soon as possible.

Thursday, 2 October 2014


Organised by the Club Bahia Mazarrón and the Department of Sports a Marathon of 10km will start from la Plaza de las Comunidades Autónomas del Puerto at 9.30am on Sunday 5 October. The Half Marathon (just over 21 km) will start at 9:45 am.
The races are divided into categories of local veterans and senior in both male and female. The maximum duration for the 10km is 1 hour 20 minutes and 2 hours 20 minutes for the half marathon. The circuit of both tests runs along the coast through points as Rihuete, Bahía, Playa Grande and Bolnuevo
The organization has prepared refreshment points along the route every 5 kilometers.
Both tests have medical care and offers runnders, besides food supplies, shower facilities and a gift bag.
Registration will take place on Saturday October 4, between 5pm and 7pm at the point of departure of the race. In previous years there has been close to five hundred runners.

The presentation ceremony was performed by the Councillor for Sports, Andres Valera and José Antonio Martínez, Member of the Organizing Committee.


Under the title "Vinculos", the artist brings a pictorial exhibition focused on landscapes and lonely places that invite reflection. If anything defines Celestino Aguera is his artistic heritage. Accompanied by three of his brothers and his father Saturnino, Celestino attended the official opening of his exhibition in the Town Hall of Mazarrón last Friday.
The event was attended by the Mayor of Mazarrón, Francisco Garcia, and the Councillor for Culture, Ginés Campillo. The Mayor highlighted the artistic vein of the artist´s family and stated that this is a sample that  accommodates the local art. In the same vein the Mayor, Francisco Garcia, for whom the exhibition is an opportunity to appreciate local art is expressed. Campillo and Garcia encouraged the residents of Mazarrón and visitors to dedicate a space for their leisure time to appreciate the work of Celestino Aguera, who was flattered by the treatment received by the Municipal Authorities.
The exhibition will be open until November 14, Monday to Friday 10-2pm and 5pm-8pm  and on Saturdays between 10-2pm.s and hours.  Occupying the second floor and basement of the Town Hall, the works are divided  by theme. For one, abandoned houses and interior landscapes  and the other shows parts of the coast, lonely and beautiful. 


More than 40 participants coming from all regions will meet in Mazarrón from next Friday to play the XI Championship Mar-Costa Spain in the Female category. The competition will take place on the beaches of El Castellar and Bolnuevo on Friday 3 and Saturday 4 October between 16:30 to 19:30 on both days.
The Department of Sports City of Mazarrón helps organize this sports event as it did last year in celebration of the Male Spanish Championship on the Town´s beaches.

The largest representation is Valencia, but athletes come from around the country for a competition for the first time in the region of Murcia, will be catch and release. This is confirmed by the President of the National Committee of the Championships of Spain, Federico Gómez, for whom the coast of Mazarrón has the best conditions for the holding of such sporting events.