Thursday, 31 July 2014


The Youth Council offers a "refreshing" summer programme of activities aimed at young people between 14 and 35 years old. Twelve activities in three different media are offered: air, land and sea. Most are held on the beaches of Mazarron, Isla Plana and La Azohía, as well as other nearby natural areas.

Activities scheduled for “air” are paragliding and microlight flying. They take place outside, in Fuente Álamo, Sierra Espuña and Mazarron.

“Land” activities are climbing, caving, bungee jumping and horse trails.

Programming in the “sea” environment includes flyboard, coastering, jet skis, wakeboarding and kayaking, plus rafting on the River Segura.

Most of these activities will take place on weekends . Some of them require a minimum enrollment. Applications can be carried out at the offices of the Youth Council or by calling 968 591 810.

Tuesday, 29 July 2014


Maxima FM and the City of Mazarrón present an extravaganza of music and colour with Open Air Tour, which is travelling around the country with thousands of people dancing in each session.

This Tuesday, July 29 arriving at the beach of Puerto are the best dj's and artists from the music scene. Confirming their attendance are JL García and JM Duro, plus Victor Magan, Eyes of Providence, Beat2beast, Max Evolution and local djs 2 monkeys, Town Boys and Germán Ortiz, dj of Mazarrón and winner of the contest organized by Pepsi in 2013.

Access will be free of charge and will start from 10pm. The Mayor of Mazarrón  highlighted the welcoming nature of the Municipality and stressed the importance of events such as this one because with them it diversifies leisure and tourism.

The show takes place on a stage that has the latest technology in terms of sound and light, including LED screens and projections. A new initiative is that attendees can request songs to DJs through a mobile application.

Thursday, 24 July 2014


Sunday July 27 sees another Mountain Bike Race, touring the rambla of Canar and el alto de Sumiedo

This is a ride of medium difficulty over 42 km through the Rambla del Canar, in the Municipality of Cartagena and the alto de Sumiedo,  a place of great natural beauty and unknown to many of our guests in summer.

Participants signing on and departure is neutralized at the Complejo Deportivo de la Media Legua at 8am, an hour earlier than usual due to the high temperatures at this time. The race is part of “12 tours, 12 months" campaign and in the previous four this season , there were around 50 riders.

The organizers remind everyone that a helmet must be worn and parental authorization in the event that the participant is a minor. The route is open to everyone. At the end of the season, which ends in December, all those who have joined eight of the twelve races scheduled will be presented with a voucher redeemable for 150€ towards sporting goods.

This cycle route is organized by the Phoenicians Cycling Club of Puerto de Mazarrón and the departments of Tourism and Sports.


Mazarrón returns to organising a new edition of the Night Race Against Drugs. This has been taking place for 21 years where participants enter from all over Spain. It is an unusual race, as it takes place at night and from a unique setting – from the Bolnuevo Erosions.

The registration period is now open and can be formalized via . Interested parties may also enroll in the starting line up to an hour before each race. Every year four tests will be played from beginners to the experienced. The participation fee is 5€ for adults and 2€ for children. The first test will begin at 8pm and the last at 10pm.

During the presentation, Casiano Navarro, organizer of the event, announced attendance of “del club de cross manchego de Campo de Criptana, one of the most important in our country.  Runners  will also come from Granada, Valencia and other points of Spain", confirmed Navarro.

Alongside Navarro was the Councillor for Sports, Andres Valera, and the Mayor of Mazarrón, Francisco García. Both stressed the importance of this message given by this test. Garcia showed his support for this race and offered his full readiness for it to be maintained over time.


The hot weather is here, and so many of our volunteers are having a break either on holiday or at home with their families, but we are still taking more calls for help, which we have had to turn down.  We are currently looking after 20 clients, many of these bi-tri weekly and we are UNABLE TO TAKE ON NEW CLIENTS UNTIL WE GET MORE CARERS!!

Many charities are also under pressure and need volunteers.  We get so many calls from people wanting help, but hardly any from people offering to help.  A member of your family may need help, and may have to be turned down for lack of help…this is happening to others, but it could happen to you!

We are only asking for a couple of hours maybe once or twice a week, from either qualified carers, or caring people to help the carer. We visit clients in pairs, and help them THROUGH SHORT TERM DIFFICULT PERIODS.

Please think if you could help with a little  care of clients or shopping, respite,  company, driving, translating etc and contact Lesley on 968 134 978, or email  Visit our website

Wednesday, 16 July 2014


The Virgen del Carmen celebration is at 6pm at the Fish Market of Puerto de Mazarrón. There, the Pastor of St. Jose Church will officiate a Mass in honour of the patron. Then around 6.30pm will see the start of the traditional maritime procession by the waters of the bay of Mazarron, departing from the fishing pier in the Puerto in the direction of Bolnuevo and subsequently returning. The highlight of the event as always will be the offering of the wreath.
The "Guiñamón" is the boat that has the honour this year of carrying the image of the Virgen del Carmen. As usual, dozens of ships and boats will go in procession through the waters of Mazarrón. Following the tour it will proceed to transfer the Patron to the Church of San Jose with the stop on the boardwalk at the Cofradía de Pescadores de Puerto de Mazarrón

Many locals and tourists enjoy this day with excitement, one of the highlights of the coastal town.

Thursday, 10 July 2014


An exhibition of old agricultural and household implements  is one of the biggest events in a comprehensive programme that has been made possible thanks to the collaboration of the Neighborhood Association Virgen del Carmen. The exhibition will be opened by the Mayor of Mazarrón, Francisco Garcia, on Friday July 11.

Salvadora Gallego will open the festivities with his proclamatio the same day. Born in Leiva but living for many years in Mallorca. After the proclamation, election of the Fiesta Queen will take place.

This year the presentation of the meeting will be provided by crews Marcos Salvador, who was Commissioner for Murcia in the Seville Expo of 1992 and currently works for the daily newspaper La Opinión and Onda Regional de Murcia.

A large piñata, Sevillanas performances, Migas competitions, giant paella and humorous performances complete the programme of festivities up until  Wednesday July 16 when Mass will be held in honour of the Patron's Virgen del Carmen. At its conclusion, a plaque to honour the elderly Leiva neighbour will be presented to Francisco López Muñoz "El Chiquillo."

Further information and a detailed programme will be posted when received from the Town Hall

Wednesday, 9 July 2014


On July 5, a parade featuring a group of pirates opened the new season of summer markets in Puerto de Mazarron. Until August 31, visitors  have an opportunity to stroll among stalls and craft stalls where they can find a wide variety of products.

Markets are located in two easy to locate specific points. The first is on Avenida Costa Calida Puerto de Mazarrón, in front of the Medical Centre. The second is next to the chapel de la Isla. Opening hours are from 20:00 to 1:30 am, even though closure may vary depending on the daily activity. 


From 11 to 17 July 2014

 5 July
•  9pm Proclamation parties. XLV Literary Contest “Albaricoque de Oro”
• 12am  DJ at Glorieta

 7 July
• Departure of livestock “El Zorro” from Santiago de la Espada
• Departure of livestock  “Nueva Casa” from Ferez

 8 July
• Arrival of livestock and subsequent exhibition in La Risca
• 9pm Opening of “las peñas”

 9 July
• Arrival of livestock Casa de Cristo

 10 July
• 12pm Firing of rockets and arrival of Uncle “Pita”
• Exhibition of wild cattle Casa de Cristo
• 10pm Chupinazo. Bando Panocho.
• 12am DJ Kiko Rivera from the theatre Trieta al Goterón
• 2am DJ at Glorieta

 11 July
• 6am Ringing of bells and floral tribute by the Music Band of Moratalla
• 9am Sandwich Tasting in the Plaza de Abastos
• 10:00am First Bull Run. No horses
• 11:30am 2 Cattle, one donated by "MTV"
• 1pm Collection of cattle
• 8pm Parade of floats by young girls, Brazilian, and carnival troupe and "Moratalla su mueve"
• 12am DJ´s at Glorieta

12 July
• 11am Childrens Run
• 12pm Childrens lunch with the Peña  Jumeni & Ebrios
• 4.30pm Parade by Music Band of Moratalla
• 5.50pm Fireworks by Fundacion de Barbaros
• 6pm First release of Bulls
• 8.30pm Collection of cattle
• 12am Performance by the group Baztar at the Glorieta

13 July  
• 7am Music Band of Moratalla “Diana Floreada”
• 10am 2nd Running of the Bulls. Without horses
• 11:30am Two cows, one donated by Gustavo Romera
• 1pm Collection of cattle
• 10pm Flamenco Night
• 12am  "Variety Show" at Glorieta
• 12am  DJ's

14 July
• 12pm Peña "El Cencerro"
• 4.30pm Parade by the Music Band of Moratalla
• 5.50pm Fireworks by Fundacion de Barbaros
• 6pm Bull running
• 7pm Bull running
• 8.30pm Collection of cattle
• 11pm  "Pasión de Copla" Show with Juan Jumilla and sisters Alicia and Lorena Blázquez
• 12am Disco  “El ancho de la farmacia se parte las piernas”

15 July 
• 10:00am Third and final running of cows. With horses
• 11:30am Two cows, one donated by "MTV"
• 1pm Collection of cattle

16 July
• 11am Childrens Run
• 4.30pm Parade by Music Band of Moratalla
• 5.50pm Fireworks by Fundacion de Barbaros
• 6pm Loose cows
• 7pm Running of two cows
• 8.30pm Collection of cattle
• 11pm Gunpowder
• 12am Performance by Rafa Blas at Glorieta

July 17
• 4.30pm Parade by the Music Band of Moratalla
• 5.50pm Fireworks by Fundacion de Barbaros
• 6pm Loose cows
• 7pm Single bull donated by  la Asociación Taurina Alimón
• 8.30pm Collection of cattle

• 12am Firework finale and anthem to Moratalla at Glorieta

Thursday, 3 July 2014


This summer,  “Mazarrón permanecerá abierto por vacaciones” (Mazarrón  remains open for holidays.) It's the new slogan with which an extension of the opening hours of the various museums and galleries of the Municipality was announced. They open every day during the months of July, August and September, with much more extended hours.

This week, the Mayor of Mazarrón, Francisco Garcia, along with several others of the Town Government Team, visited the various Municipal Offices that remain "open for holidays." The tourist office also has 2 more points, one in Bolnuevo and another next to the Ermita de la Isla.

This initiative will be carried out thanks to the collaboration of the workshop students use to promote tourism, managed by the Department of Local Development.

The Mayor of Mazarrón, Francisco García, "Mazarrón is a tourist town that registers a significant increase in population in the summer months, so we need to expand tourist services at this time." This is in response to a historical claim by many traders, residents and tourists.

Thus, from 1 July to 15 September, la Torre de los Caballos de Bolnuevo will open Monday through Thursday from 9am-2pm. The Friday schedule is 9am-2pm and from 6.30pm-9.30pm. Saturdays it will open from 10am-1pm and also 6.30pm-9.30pm. While Sundays it will be open in the morning from 10am-1pm.

Opening hours for La Factoría Romana de Salazones in Puerto de Mazarrón is Monday through Friday mornings from 9am-2pm and between 3.30pm and 9.30pm in the evenings on Wednesdays,Thursdays and Fridays.Saturdays are from 10am-1pm and 6.30pm-9.30pm. On Sundays the hours are from 10am-1pm.

El Centro de Interpretación del Barco Fenicio de la Isla is open Monday to Friday every morning from 9am-2pm and between 3.30pm and 9.30pm in the evenings on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. At weekends, you can visit on Saturdays between 10am-1pm and 6.30pm-9.30pm and on Sunday between 10am-1pm.

Those are the hours of the points of interest on the coast. As the core of Mazarrón, it is worth mentioning a visit not to be missed to the Town Hall, an iconic building of the Town, declared a National Historic Monument. Visiting hours are Monday to Saturday from 10-2pm and 5pm-8pm on the evenings of Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. 


On Sunday July 13, in the Esplanada Barnuevo, Santiago de la Ribera sees the opening of the Summer "Artisan Market Mar Menor" from 10am through to midnight. This will take place every second Sunday of each month through to September, in order to offer locals and foreigners who visit our community the most authentic craftsmanship from the Region of Murcia. Over fifty artisan stalls will be giving demonstrations, whilst their work is for sale.

 The Regional Multiple Crafts Guild, in collaboration with the different Municipalities in the Region of Murcia choose a different location every Sunday in the Community of Murcia to hold their artisan markets, offering  the opportunity for everyone to appreciate the good work of their artisans.

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

New Painting Exhibition in Mazarrón from 4 July

A typical and anarchic painter. So some critics define French painter David Oppenheim.
The artist who now resides in our town has accumulated extensive experience based on his travel experience. Oppenheim has been seeking inspiration from different corners of the world.
A decade after starting his career the artist began to travel and gain experience. Mexico, Germany and France were among the most influential in his career stops. It is in Aix La Chapelle where he met a wealthy industrialist with a passion for painting, and took a sumptuous studio in her factory. From there, exhibitions multiplied.  In the 70´s, he was exhibiting in the galleries Siebel y Glaüb
Another important point in his career was in the house of Franco Bettazzi  in Florence, for whom he worked for nine months. In 1974 Bob Dylan asked him to illustrate the cover of his album "Blood on the Tracks".
In the 80s, Oppenheim worked on gigantic walls, painting on the facade of the Teatro Toursky of Marseille. Precisely in this City in the French Riviera , Oppenheim manages to devote his time to other exhibitions in the early 90s.
Oppenheim's work brings to Puerto de Mazarrón as the artist says  "a reflection of what I feel when I left home, moving to the Municipality." Based on our Coast, the French artist has found his ideal corner to unleash his expression.

Furthermore, Cartagenero artist, Javier Lorente, displays his art for an extra week in the Town Hall of Mazarrón, until July 12. The exhibition “Tierra surcada, mar revivido”  consists of twenty paintings, including the painting “Paisajes de Mazarrón”, which gave him 1st place at the National Competition.

Theatre Performance in Aid of Asociación contra el Cáncer de Mazarrón, 12 July

After the show "Mamma Mia" last summer, the theatre group Implik2 returns to town to deliver a new musical under the title of "No Podrás Para (cannot stop)". The planned date for the performance is on 12 July from eleven at night at the Stadium Playasol, Puerto de Mazarrón.

Tickets, for 10€, can be purchased in advance at the following points: Antonio Garcia, Atmosfera y Cole Sport, C Salud Cañada de Gallego, Piki Piki Playa Grande, Estanco Iglesia del Puerto, Office of Tourism and Puerto Baño.

The event is sponsored by eleven organizations and companies, including Mazarrón Town Council as well as collaboration with several local media.

In the poster presentation of this show, Luisa Heredia, President of Asociación contra el Cáncer de Mazarrón, recalled the importance of the gesture of help with the purchase of a ticket noting that, like last year, the musical promises to be fun.

Together with Heredia, organizing and supporting this charity event was the Mayor of Mazarrón, Francisco García. The Mayor expressed his commitment to such causes .


La Banda de Musica Mazarrón will open on Sunday July 6 the 2nd Summer Musical Concert Villa de Mazarrón. The Department of Culture has reiterated its commitment to the organization of this activity, following the success of last year.

The concerts will take place, at no cost, every weekend in July from 21:30 in Puerto Marina just above the car park. Other participating bands are San Pedro del Pinatar (July 12), Alhama de Murcia (July 20) and Guadalupe (July 26). In presenting the activity, the Councillor for Culture, Ginés Campillo, highlighted the fact of accommodating bands from other municipalities." This year Campillo predicts even more will attend.

Unlike last year, this time one more concert will be included. The duration will be around an hour and a half.