Friday, 31 May 2013


Friday, 7th June – Tennis Tournament – The Bahia Sports Centre, Puerto de Mazarrón
Entry 5€ per person, Registration required by 5th June - Tennis; Padel and Badminton contests. For further details contact – Aurelio (Spanish) 616302472 or Adena (English / Spanish) 699320027.

Saturday, 8th June – Rock & Roll night – TEL´s Bar / CAT´s Bar, Camposol Sector A.
Live music, Bernie Mac and Martin Ross, BBQ; Jive competition. Starts 8.00pm 1€ will reserve your seat.

Thursday, 11th June – Cliff & Elvis Show – The Club House, Camposol C
Tickets 8.50€ (food available - 3 courses for just 10€) booking essential. Tickets available from The Club House


The Department of Tourism and Youth Council of Mazarrón have launched a competition to decorate the Tourism Office with graffiti, located in Plaza Toneleros of Puerto de Mazarrón. The initiative was presented by Councillor Maria Celeste Soria who explained that "with this contest we want to give a new image to the Office of Tourism”.

Interested parties may submit their proposals until Friday June 7 at 2pm, through registration at Mazarrón Town Hall, or by sending it by registered mail. The competition is open to individuals and groups aged between 13 and 35 years, who must provide a colour sketch of 50 cm x 25 cm – groups participating must be no more than 4. Proposals must revolve around the town of Mazarrón, and of particular interest are those that embody its monuments, beaches or archaeological or natural heritage.

Of the proposals submitted, a jury composed of the Mayor, Councillor of Tourism and Youth and technicians from both areas will choose two works that will be awarded €500 each. The sketches of the 2 winners will be executed on Saturday June 22 starting at approximately 8am on an area of
​​16 m x 2 m, with the Council making available to the artists the materials and tools needed.

The Councillor for Tourism said that "on Saturday June 22 Plaza Toneleros will feature additional workshops for children and young people about this painting technique and also everyone will be able to enjoy hip hop music to cheer the day." It will be a day in which all these activities will be totally free.

The Mayor of Mazarrón, Ginés Campillo, has encouraged young people "to participate in this new initiative created and designed for them, because there are many who have transferred their interest in these activities." The Mayor further said that "it is our desire is to continue promoting such initiatives in the Municipality and, in this sense, have organized an event that will focus on this type of culture


The next monthly points race day is on a new day of Friday 14th June at 15.00 hours

Please remember that practice racing will also be held on all other Fridays starting at the same time as above. Also our Wednesday sailing day is as usual starting 14.00 hours with just general sailing to allow members to relax and tune their boats followed by coffee at about 16.00 hours.

For further information please contact David telf 968 170 870 or e-mail


ADAPT members who have been enjoying Spanish cookery classes with staff from Eroski supermarket were delighted to celebrate the inauguration of the “Murcia Region Ecological Product Fair”.  The fair which is being held at Dos Mares Commercial Centre in San Javier will continue until 23rd June.

The fair consists of produce from 30 local companies including soya drinks and desserts, cheeses, yoghurts, vegetables and market garden produce, fruits, vegetable and fish preserves, pasta, rice, sauces, oil, salt, vinegar, honey, jams, juices, olives, nuts, dried fruit and wine.

At the weekends there will be an opportunity to taste the products and there will be courses, talks and workshops led by various experts in ecological food.

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Child Massage Workshop

El Centro de Desarrollo Infantil y Atención Temprana de Mazarrón (CDIAT) (CDIAT), starts next Friday on May 31, 2013, starting at 11am., Another edition (the 5th during the year 2012-2013) of "Infant Massage Workshop", framed within the preventive programme organised by the Centre. This workshop will be held in a room of CDIAT and distributed in 3 sessions of about an hour each, over the next three Fridays (May 31, 7 and 14 June.)

This workshop is open to all babies between 0 and 6 months in the municipality and their mothers, with the sole objective of giving technical knowledge and a working tool with which to achieve the greatest possible welfare, strengthen bonding between parents and children, ease tensions and prevent some of the painful gastrointestinal processes.

This workshop is in collaboration with Midwives from Health Centres in Mazarrón and Puerto de Mazarrón, and is conducted by the Pedagoga-Técnico in AT and Monitora autorizada de Masaje Infantil del CDIAT.

For more information contact the Centre for Early Child Development in Mazarrón (Tel: 968 590 623).


The Department of Sports City of Mazarrón has opened the registration period for summer sports and swimming courses for the municipal pool. The programme, which includes some interesting new features, was presented by the Mayor of Mazarrón, Ginés Campillo, Councillor for Sports, Andres Valera, and Municipal Technical Area Manager, Cesar Campos. For the occasion they have released 600 leaflets which can also be downloaded via the municipal website

Among the new features include "beach volleyball classes and surfing, sports linked to the summer which will no doubt be very well received by young people with traditional approaches such as paddle tennis, tennis, table tennis, multi-activities composed of nautical-surf-kayak sailing and swimming lessons, "explained Valera. The latter again is divided into swimming lessons to children from 3 years and maintenance lessons from 15 years.

Programming this year wants to go further "and also to enable the seniors to participate in it. For this we have within it a beach soccer tournament, 7 Memorial Salvador Ortiz Soccer Tournament , a campus football and night race against drugs, among other activities, "as explained by sports coach, Cesar Campos.

The Mayor of Mazarrón, Ginés Campillo, said that "we have opted for new sports, such as surfing and beach volleyball, because many young people have shown their desire to these sports and so did we.

For information and registration, you can go to the offices of the Department of Sports located in the sports hall "La Aceña," from Monday to Friday between 9 and  2pm. You can also call 968 59 18 52 for more information. The price of infant swimming courses is 25€ and 30€ for maintenance, while the price of other activities varies depending on the type of activity you want to perform.