Thursday, 13 July 2017


The Department of Tourism and Environment of Moratalla Town Hall and "Discovering Moratalla", are pleased to invite you to a new edition of "Pure Essence". This year, with a subtitle, "Folclore Vivo" announces our intention to share the day with la Cuadrilla de Animeros del Campo de San Juan, El Sabinar y Calar de La Santa which celebrate its XXVII Meeting of Cuadrillas on 29 July 2017, where they will also present their new album, "Nuestra Música", coinciding happily with our event in honour of the aromatic highland of the Municipality of Moratalla. We will live a day enjoying our fields, the cultivation and distillation of essences and ancestral sounds that influenced the spirit of past and present societies ... Through instruments, voices and dances,

But first, to open the day, we will approach the fields of Lavandin, Salvia and Espliego that by this time stain our beloved Campo de San Juan, and we will see it live as its essence is distilled. Small corners full of beauty and fragrance, in which tradition becomes a show for the senses. But not everything is beautiful ... to extract the precious essence, the people of Campo de San Juan, Sabinar and Calar de La Santa, work hard, almost artisanal, paying with sweat the essential oil that plants give before such a hard effort.

On this occasion, it is not an excursion, since the dates and the heat advise ... we will walk a little, but we will be able to see up close the process of transformation of this beautiful aroma in delicate essence.

After our visit to the crops and one of the boilers that work in our area, and to freshen up, we will see the rock art exhibition of the Region of Murcia that is installed inside the dam of La Risca , Courtesy of the Hydrographic Confederation of Segura.

To finish the day, all those who so desire, can accompany us at "Restaurant The Cortijo".

In the afternoon, before the beginning of the "Meeting of Cuadrillas", and after dinner we will look for the best snapshots of dusk in the area . After enjoying music and dancing, this intense day will close a unique experience: nocturnal photography of the fields of Lavandin, waiting for our skies to allow us, until the body can endure ...

Department of Tourism and Environment City Hall of Moratalla
Discovering Moratalla-Restaurante and Casas Rurales Luis
Restaurant "Pereas" - Restaurant "El Cortijo"
Date: Saturday, July 29, 2017
Registration with previous reservation LIMITED PLACES:
For information, to confirm attendance and to sign up for the lunch / dinner, please contact Discovering Moratalla:
• 630 68 38 95 (Cristina)
Information until July 17: Municipal Tourism Office of Moratalla
Tel .: 968 730 208
Meeting points and schedules:

1. Tourist Office of Moratalla at 8:00AM
2. Bar of the sausage factory of the Field of San Juan at 9am (next to the gas station of the Camp de San Juan)

Schedule of Activities:

• From 9.30am-10.30am Visit to crops, photographic journey
• LUNCH in Zaén, by each participant
• From 11:30am-12.30pm Visit boiler, extraction of essence
• From 1pm-1.30pm Visit to an exhibition of rock art in la Risca
• 2.30pm FOOD Restaurant El Cortijo
• 8pm DINNER Restaurant "Luis"
• SUNSET Scheduled for 9.21pm
• From 10pm XXVII Meeting of Cuadrillas
• From 12am Lavandin in the light of the Milky Way

To spend the night:
• Casas Rurales Luis, tel .: 96873 80 38/629 53 10 16
• Municipal Sports Centre Sabinar, reservations on the phone: 649 41 94 71 (Esperanza)

The schedules are approximate, although we will try to fulfill them to be able to carry out the activities, although there may be causes that delay us.

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