Tuesday, 11 March 2014


The festivities in honour of San Jose, patron of Puerto de Mazarrón, this year will be held in the morning and afternoon to take advantage of the warm temperatures that March enjoys in the seaside resort . This is one of the major developments that were announced by the Mayor of Mazarrón, Ginés Campillo, and Councillor of Celebration , Isidro Coy, who were accompanied by Red Cross President , Carmen Navarro, to present the bulk of the festive activities programme taking place from Friday 14 to Sunday 23 March.

Isidro Coy explained that " some activities are already being celebrated such as the ' Ruta del Aperitivo ' which commenced on  1st and the  XXIV Racing Pigeons Spanish Championship which will open to the public on Wednesday, March 12 , and can be enjoyed from the exhibition of these birds until 15 March. " The Mayor said that from Saturday 15th " major events in the morning and afternoon will be the focus to take advantage of the good weather.”

On Friday 14th at 5pm sees the 2 x 1 Fair Ride in Paseo de Rihuete and at 7pm the IV Tennis Tournament " Frutas Arias " commences which will end on March 19 . On Saturday 15th , from 10:30am, in the plaza de las Comunidades Autónomas  the orchestra " Burma " performs and at 4pm commnences the traditional Petanca Championship in honour of San Jose in the courts at Rihuete . In the evening , at 5pm in the plaza de las Comunidades Autónomas  “Show de la Pandilla de Drilo” caters for the youngsters with ‘El show del tigre Peligre’.

On Sunday March 16th , at 12 noon there will be a Mass in the plaza de las Comunidades Autónomas  followed by a meeting of  Murcian “Rocieros” , which organizes the Rociero 'Aires de Mazarrón ' Association .

On 19th March, a parade commenes at 10:30am  led by the Band ' Frescos ' , another novelty of this year. At  12pm, Mass will be held in honour of the Patron in the Church of San José with a subsequent procession through the streets . Also at noon the sports complex of the Media Leagua will host a match between veterans CD Bala Azul and Mazarrón C. F. That day the II Beach Soccer Tournament ' Fiestas de San José '  begins , predictably, at 10am on the beach in La Reya (Bahía Grande) .

On Friday March 21st,  traditional food will be enjoyed by the Seniors of the Municipality in the Sports Hall ' Manuela Romero ' starting at 2pm . The Councillor of Celebration confirmed there will be a bus from the Day Centre as well as from the bus stop in Avda Constitucion,  Mazarrón from 12:30pm.

On Saturday March 22nd , from 11am sees the parade by members of the Centro Social del Puerto, that will start from Rihuete , and proceed along the Paseo . At 12:30pm there will be a tribute to ' Fito y Fitipaldis ' in the plaza de las Comunidades Autónomas and a performance by Pandilla de Drilo with  ‘Cantabaila’.

The events will end on Sunday 23 March with the event organized by the Red Cross of Mazarrón ‘Muévete, ahora más que nunca’  and presentation of awards for  ‘Ruta del Comercio’ and  la ‘Ruta del Aperitivo’ at 5pm and 6pm respectively . Carmen Navarro explained that the activity ‘Muévete, ahora más que nunca’  will be held in the plaza de las Comunidades Autónomas between 11am and 2pm. " For just 2€ you can enjoy activities carried out by  ‘bahía Sur’, ‘Olimpo’, ‘La Aceña’  and Dance School‘Antonio Jara and a snack courtesy of the Red Cross”,  Navarro said, adding that " in addition , those who wish may bring to the gyms or the Puerto paseo a kilo of food to help families in need.”

The Mayor of Mazarrón, Ginés Campillo , said that " we have redesigned with particular fondness a very full programme , in which there are activities for both children and adults , but also the athletic, recreational and musical aspect covering a joint collaboration with the Red Cross . “ The Mayor responsible for Celebrations also thanked Francisco Martínez , better known as 'Paco Piña ' , having taken the photograph illustrating the celebrations this year.

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