Wednesday, 17 May 2017


Concepción Aparicio, teacher at CEIP Manuela Romero of Puerto de Mazarrón and a member of Cáritas, opened the celebrations of San Isidro in Puerto de Mazarrón in an event that was attended by the Mayor of Mazarrón, Alicia Jiménez. The words of Aparicio served to announce the festivities that will continue until Sunday May 21.

During the popular "barrio dinner" in the Zaira de Bolnuevo celebratory halls, Conchi Aparicio related his experiences and coexistence with the neighbours of the San Isidro neighbourhood, remembering people very dear, and stressed the closeness and warmth of some people who make their holidays one of the most welcoming of the Municipality. 

He also had words for San Isidro, the Patron that gives their name to the place and surroundings to which the festivities are organized

Both the Mayor, Alicia Jiménez, and the President of the Festival Committee, Isidro Coy, called for the participation of residents and holiday makers during nine days of fun for all audiences, with musical performances, plays, costume contest,  Childrens shows and sporting events, among many others. 

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